Chapter 220: The Scheme Inside the Scheme (Part One)

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Great General Pei Huan of Left Command Guard oversaw the protection of logistics and transportations. Counting the soldiers pulled from all over Great Sui, he had more than 100,000 soldiers under his command. Although he had far fewer soldiers compared to Great General Li Yuanshan of Right Valiant Guard and Great General Yu Zhengdong of Right Command Guard who were in the front line and Great General Jin Shixiong of Left Valiant Guard who was stationed in the center, Pei Huan was still happy; generals loved having more soldiers.

Right Valiant Guard and Right Command Guard each had more than 150,000 soldiers, and Left Valiant Guard had 300,000 soldiers being in the center.

King Yang Kai of Xu State was also stationed in the center, and he ordered Left Valiant Guard to set up the encampment to the east of Tumu Fortress.

Right Valiant Guard and Right Command Guard were already setting up the defense line, and Pei Huan knew that his soldiers would be asked to move forward soon.

The border between Mandu Flag and Kexin Flag was more 100 kilometers long, and the reinforcements from the Royal Court could attack from any location.

In fact, Mongo-Yuan could easily make the frontline of the military of Sui chaotic, but the reinforcements from the Royal Court didn’t move for some reason.

The territory that Great Sui took over was valuable. If Mandu Flag wasn’t the protruding edge of the grassland, the military of Mongo-Yuan could have attacked from three sides.

Fortunately, Wolf Breast Mountain Range sealed most of the northern and southern borders of this territory, stopping the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan from attacking the military of Great Sui from almost all sides.

Even though Mandu Flag was easier to protect compared to other places, it was tough to guard it with only 700,000 soldiers. This was a flat grassland with no terrains that could be used for defense, unless millions of laborers were employed to build a long wall along the border of Mandu Flag and Kexin Flag.

Even if a long wall was built, many soldiers would need to be stationed here.

Right now, Pei Huan was tasting liquor while leaning on his chair, seeming to be in a good mood. His most trusted strategist, Shi Le, was sitting across from him.

Shi Le was a scholar who failed to score high in several imperial exams. Even though he was talented, luck wasn’t on his side. He was recruited by Pei Huan a few years ago, and he had become one of the most important people that Pei Huan had.

“Great General, it seems like you are in a great mood,” Shi Le asked while eating roasted peanuts.

Pei Huan smiled and said, “There is nothing to be happy about. I’m just trying to enjoy the last bit of peace since I don’t have to go to the frontline with my soldiers. Soon, the King of Xu State will ask Left Command Guard to move to the left of the center. It is too tough to guard against Mongo-Yuan’s counterattack on the long border with only Li Yuanshan and Yu Zhengdong’s 300,000 soldiers.”

“Now that the situation turned to this, I’m afraid that Royal King Yi would be raging in Chang’an right now.”

Royal King Yi asked the great generals to deliver a small victory before losing, making the Emperor punish the King of Xu State. Then, Royal King Yi would be able to pull strings and come to the northwest to command the military. After winning this war, Royal King Yi would be able to return to the government smoothly and grasp some power.

Even the Emperor wouldn’t be able to stop him.

“Who can predict everything?” Shi Le said, “Mandu Latu died in battle, and the military of Mandu Flag collapsed. Could we hold back and not attack? If we did that, the Emperor would have punished the great generals first before getting to the King of Xu State. Although Royal King Yi is in Chang’an, he should be able to understand our situation. It would be too fake if the military didn’t grasp the opportunity and push forward.”

“Yeah,” Pei Huan said, “The royal guards that came with the military would instantly send reports back to Chang’an. If His Majesty learns that we didn’t push forward after that big victory, who could handle his anger? We can only find another opportunity to push the King of Xu State back to Chang’an. After all, Royal King Yi didn’t ask me to do this; he asked Li Yuanshan to do this. I only need to sit back and watch.”

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