Chapter 220: The Scheme Inside the Scheme (Part Two)

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“Great General…”

Shi Le asked carefully after a moment of hesitation, “Do you think… Royal King Yi only wants to return to the government and grasp some power?”

Pei Huan’s expression changed as he asked, “What else?”

Seeing that Pei Huan was still somewhat calm, Shi Le said, “Great General, Royal King Yi is close with Long-West Li Family. We only know that Li Yuanshan is one of Royal King Yi’s aggressive dogs and Li Yuanshan has many talented generals and elite soldiers. I know that you are helping Royal King Yi right now to pay back some favors, but… If Royal King Yi is more ambitious, you have to think critically about your situation.”

Pei Huan froze for a second and waved his hand. “Royal King Yi doesn’t have the courage! He also doesn’t have the power! Even if Li Yuanshan is loyal to Royal King Yi, what can he do with only Right Valiant Guard? There are only 150,000 soldiers there. If he has the wrong idea, he and his men would be wiped out by His Majesty before they could walk out of the northwest. I don’t think Royal King Yi and Li Yuanshan dare to rebel. Even if they do, I won’t allow them!”

Pei Huan continued, “They can play with power and try to change the structure. However, those who dare to cross the line would die for sure! Luo Yao has been operating in the southwest for about 20 years now, yet he doesn’t dare to be disrespectful. Luo Yao knows that Great Sui is stable, and he would die if he tried to rebel. Why would Royal King Yi and Li Yuanshan think that they can succeed?”

Shi Le nodded and said, “I’m reassured now that you said this. I’m only asking you this because I feel a little unsettled. I feel like things aren’t as simple as they seem. Although we would benefit from it if Royal King Yi returns to the government, we would die tragically if this is a big trap. Great General, please think more about this. It is better to slightly distance ourselves from Royal King Yi.”

Pei Huan asked, “Are you afraid that Royal King Yi is up to no good?”

Shi Le sighed, “Commanding 700,000 soldiers and having the royal bloodline… Not many people wouldn’t be tempted.”

Pei Huan’s face changed color, and his good mood disappeared. “I will be more careful. After we move forward, I will watch Li Yuanshan’s Right Valiant Guard closely!”

-The central tent in the encampment-

King Yang Kai of Xu State frowned as he looked at the map in front of him; he didn’t expect the military to capture the entire Mandu Flag so easily. He thought there would be more setbacks.

He had detected the strings that Royal King Yi was pulling, but he could only passively accept everything.

When the Emperor isolated his brothers and cousins from the military and the government, he probably didn’t expect that no one else from the Royal Clan could command these great generals.

The idle kings and royal kings were fighting for power in secret when the Emperor just got on the throne, and the Emperor pushed out all of them, making their efforts useless.

Yang Kai was an exception; he wasn’t interested in power.

However, the Emperor’s decision of making him the chief commander of this war pushed him to the peak. Although he could gain a lot from this, it was also more dangerous.

He couldn’t be compared to Royal King Yi. Many officials would talk for Royal King Yi, but they wouldn’t help Yang Kai who was distant from the power circle.

Although Yang Kai hung out with those big officials, he didn’t offer those people any real benefits. Royal King Yi was different; he had never been idle. However, he was a great actor and fooled many.

Even the Empress Dowager, the mother of the Emperor and these royal kings, seemed to favor Royal King Yi more.

Yang Kai wanted to curse when thinking about this. Although he was looking at the map, his mind was somewhere else.

Mou Liangbi, the Head of the Ministry of War, sat across from Yang Kai, and he sighed while looking at this king.

Just like Yang Kai, Mou Liangbi was also appointed by the Emperor right before the war, and the great generals and governors-general didn’t respect him as well.

Yang Kai and Mou Liangbi weren’t friends before, but now they stood together. They knew that they were on the same boat after coming to the northwest.

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