Chapter 221: Sudden Change (Part One)

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The two-week break soon ended, and the students of the Martial Arts Academy returned. They all felt relieved that no more murder occurred.

A total of seven students got killed. In theory, only Ma Lilian and another student were the only two alive who had seen Fang Henshui’s face. If he killed these two, he would be able to walk on the street in daylight, and no one would be able to recognize him.

The Royal Guard placed many people around these two, but Fang Henshui didn’t do anything during this long break.

While feeling relieved, the royal guards didn’t understand why. If Fang Henshui wanted to kill those who had seen his face, why did he stop at the last two people?

Luo Weiran had been busy with organizing the military ceremony, and he asked Meng Wudi to handle these murder cases.

The Emperor decided to send the second group of soldiers to the northwest at the beginning of February, but he hadn’t decided on the chief commander. However, based on the frequency that the Emperor summoned Great General Yu Manlou of Left Martial Guard, the latter would probably get the job.

Fang Jie knew about this; Eunuch Wu Three told him.

Wu Three served the Emperor alongside Su Buwei. Although he did small things such as serving tea and cleaning the bed, he knew more things since he was inside the Royal Study.

Fang Jie returned to the Martial Arts Academy on the morning of the 16th, and he asked Chen Qingshan to manage the shop. Now, she looked like an ordinary shop owner’s wife.

Fang Jie liked this change. The Chen Qingshan from before was sometimes coquettish and sometimes chilly; she was manic and hard to guess.

It was hard to tell if she became more stable after becoming a level 9 master or because she was spending time with Fang Jie.

Zhang Kuang had been appearing around Fang Jie more and more. Although their conversation was all over the place, Fang Jie could tell that Zhang Kuang was mentioning Royal King Yi from time to time. Fang Jie wasn’t sure about Zhang Kuang’s purpose, but the change alerted him.

Fang Jie met Luo Weiran once, and he learned about the military ceremony in early February.

The Emperor would be seeing off the military, and all the officials and aristocrats in Chang’an needed to show up. Beckon of the Red Sleeve and a few other song and dance ensembles were notified, and they were asked to perform on the square in front of Tai Chi Palace. 

Fang Jie was waiting for this day.

There was no news about Wu Yidao; Fang Jie had paid special attention.

Wu Yidao seemed to have locked himself in his residence in the last while. Other than reporting to the Emperor in the Royal Palace for two hours, he didn’t interact with anyone else. Of course, Fang Jie learned about this through Wu Three as well.

There was a unique way of communication between Fang Jie and Wu Three; no one would know about it.

This method was a little disgusting.

Wu Three would write messages on paper slips and hide them on special horse-drawn carriages.

The eunuchs would collect all the toilets from the various places in the Royal Palace and centralize the waste in special containers on horse-drawn carriages. Then, they would go to a special place outside Chang’an and bury the waste.

These horse-drawn carriages would pass East 23rd Street every morning, and Fang Jie had observed for a long time. It wasn’t difficult for him to approach these special horse-drawn carriages and retrieve the paper slips without others noticing.

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