Chapter 221: Sudden Change (Part Two)

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The situations with Wu Yidao and Fang Henshui were both calm. It seemed like after the new year, everything calmed down.

However, Fang Jie knew that this was only the calm before the storm.

With Wu Yidao, even though the Emperor hadn’t asked him to hand over the Worldwide Trading Company, those big figures couldn’t sit still.

Wu Yidao closing his gate and not seeing any guests was a clear attitude.

Once those big figures’ patience ran out, the storm would hit.

Fang Jie didn’t know how Wu Yidao was going to defend against the joint attack of so many big figures. Even if the Emperor didn’t take over the Worldwide Trading Company, those big figures wouldn’t let Wu Yidao off the hook. Wu Yidao had exposed them, and it seemed like Wu Yidao was no longer under their control.

Their secrets would only be gone with Wu Yidao’s death.

But would Wu Yidao surrender?

Fang Jie only had Chen Qingshan with him, so he realized how weak he was. He wanted to find helping hands at this moment, but it wasn’t that easy. However, he wasn’t anxious since he knew who to ask.

On the first day of class after the break, the professors didn’t teach; they wanted the students to get back their focus. The students only practiced their archery and participated in for-fun competitions.

Since no one challenged Fang Jie, he emptied a quiver of arrows and left the training field.

He was going to the library to read.

Fang Jie was interested in the book that Xie Fuyao was reading last time called The Record of the Innumerable-Sword Hall, but he was more interested in why such a big force suddenly decayed.

Without question, Wan Xingchen was the most powerful figure in the martial arts circle at the time. No one was nominated as the leader after he disappeared.

However, this figure left too few stories, and people didn’t even know what happened to him.

Some people said that he was killed by the assassins sent by the previous empire on this land, but there was no consensus. Unless this man wanted to die, no one could kill him.

Most people wanted to believe that he died of old age.

Even though the Innumerable-Sword Hall was glorious, all the writings about them were done by others.

For example, the author of The Record of the Innumerable-Sword Hall had battled with disciples of the Innumerable-Sword Hall several times, and he recorded the elementary sword techniques that he saw. 

Fang Jie wasn’t interested in sword techniques; he was more interested in Wan Xingchen and the Innumerable-Sword Hall.

Of course, he also wanted to obtain inspiration from the sword techniques of the Innumerable-Sword Hall. He only knew One Saber Strike, and he wanted to figure out a saber technique that fitted him. That was why he read books and practiced with Xie Fuyao in the last while.

After all, he now had the Morning Dew Saber.

Not many people were reading in the library. 

The members of big families knew a lot, and their families hired famous cultivators to teach them. They would only come here when they were extremely bored.

As to those from the military, it was tough for them to calm down and read.

After walking into the library, Fang Jie put a pack of roasted peanuts on the desk by the door. The old man who had white hair, a white beard, and a face full of wrinkles smiled and nodded at him.

This old man didn’t seem like a professor but a worker.

He cleaned the library every day and recorded the books that the students borrowed.

He seemed to be about 80 years old, but his teeth were great. Fang Jie saw him eating roasted peanuts before, so he had been buying a pack of roasted peanuts from the cafeteria for this old man every time he came here.

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