Chapter 222: A Day in Life and Death (Part Three)

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Perhaps I can stand up on my own in two hours, and I will hug you and spin you around.”

“You have to spin me around many times, not just once,” Chen Qingshan said with a smile.

Fang Jie nodded and said, “Of course.”

After feeding Fang Jie some water, Chen Qingshan sat beside him and said, “Do you want to sleep for a while? Two hours will quickly pass by in your sleep.”

“I like waiting for surprises,” Fang Jie replied.

“Let’s wait for the surprise together; two hours are short,” Chen Qingshan said.

The two tried to fool each other, but they knew the truth.

Chen Qingshan grabbed Fang Jie’s hand but couldn’t find the pulse. She pressed her ear on his chest but couldn’t hear the heartbeat.

This was strange; even the best doctor had never seen such a case.

Chen Qingshan said softly, “Do you still remember that I said I want to give birth to your kids?”

“Yeah. I will do it in two hours,” Fang Jie replied seriously.

Chen Qingshan nodded and said with a bright smile, “If we have a son, let’s not teach him cultivation. Just let him be a scholar. If he can’t pass the imperial exam, he can be a teacher in a peaceful village, living a stable life. We will pick a great wife for him. She doesn’t need to be extremely pretty, but she needs to be virtuous.”

“This wasn’t what you said last time,” Fang Jie protested, “You said he will become a playboy and pick up many good girls.”

Chen Qingshan pouted and replied, “I changed my mind, ok? There is a good girl outside who wants to repay you for saving her life. Do you want me to get her in here?”

“Haha! You are jealous!” Fang Jie laughed proudly.

Then, his smile suddenly stiffed. His expression changed, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Under the illumination of the sunlight, the blood reflected a strange color as it flew in the air.

Most of the blood landed on Chen Qingshan; she didn’t dodge.

Chen Qingshan quickly tried to clean his lips. She was always calm and stable, yet she panicked at this moment. Blood slid down her hand, burning her hand and her heart.

“Two hours aren’t up yet, right?” Fang Jie was still smiling, but the smile gradually turned stiff.

He slowly closed his eyes, and his vision blurred. Chen Qingshan wanted to stop him from closing his eyes, but she saw his eyes turned grey.

“AH!” she let out a sad scream, and slash marks appeared on the walls and ground while all the windows and furniture shattered. It felt like a bladestorm struck the room.

Qiu Yu who read books all night in the library just got to the door, and her expression changed when she heard the scream.

She rushed into the room and held onto Fang Jie’s wrist, trying to find a trace of life. However, her heart gradually sunk.

She opened Fang Jie’s eyelids and found that his eyeballs had turned grey.

“Why is this happening?” she murmured and collapsed onto the ground.

When she let go of his eyelids, she didn’t notice red sparks flashing in his eyes.

In a moment, Principal Zhou suddenly appeared outside the door, but he didn’t come in.

He looked at Fang Jie and sighed. Even he couldn’t imagine why such a talented young man would die like this. Many people said that Fang Jie couldn’t cultivate and was a wastrel, but he believed that this young man could achieve greatness in the future.


Principal Zhou turned around and walked away in disappointment.

When Principal Zhou disappeared, when Qiu Yu was about to cover Fang Jie with the quilt, when Chen Qingshan wanted to kill all of Fang Jie’s enemies, when Ma Lilian collapsed onto the ground outside the room and cried her heart out…

Fang Jie’s eyes suddenly opened, and red light beamed out.

[TL Note: A sudden change in the plot, but it is an interesting one. Everything will connect in about 20 chapters.]

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