Chapter 223: The Smell (Part One)

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The red light in Fang Jie’s eyes was too bizarre. It seemed like two fires were burning in his eye sockets.

Qiu Yu who was supporting Chen Qingshan took two steps back with her, and the two of them gasped at the same time.

The shock in Chen Qingshan’s eyes turned into happiness, and her eyes got wet when seeing the man on the bed sitting up.

This was the first time that Chen Qingshan cried. This tough woman wanted to shout out of joy.

The red light in Fang Jie’s eyes didn’t last long before disappearing. However, his body was transforming.

A big light dot suddenly appeared in his abdomen, and it grew brighter and brighter.

Then, with this big light dot as the center, several red meridians extended to his four limbs, and small light dots shone as they passed through his body.

Qiu Yu’s white eyes stared at Fang Jie’s body, and her mouth opened wider and wider due to shock.

She wanted to have a clearer look, so she concentrated her cultivation strength into her eyes. Perhaps she was too focused, many green patterns appeared on her faces like the veins in leaves.

She stared at those red meridians in Fang Jie’s body, wanting to see what they were.

When these red meridians connected the four limbs, 36 light dots could be seen in Fang Jie’s body.

It seemed like Fang Jie was still unconscious and didn’t know what was happening. Although the red light in his eyes disappeared, his eyes were still cloudy.

When the red meridians reached the end of the four limbs, the 36 light dots shone to their peak.

Then, Fang Jie’s clothes shattered, and a masculine body appeared in front of Qiu Yu and Chen Qingshan.

Without clothes blocking the view, those red meridians and light dots were more clearly seen.

After that, Fang Jie’s muscles started to move like waves. His body suddenly crawled up and straightened, and his muscles were all hardened, looking dominant.

When his body was fully stretched, his muscles also stopped moving.

Fang Jie suddenly trembled, and he spat out a mouthful of black blood.

Chen Qingshan pulled Qiu Yu to the side subconsciously to help her avoid the black blood.

The black blood had no redness and looked like ink, and hissing noises sounded when it landed on the ground.

Green smoke instantly rose from the black blood.

Chen Qingshan looked down and was terrified.

She saw many small bugs struggling in the black blood. It was hard to tell their heads and tails apart, and they had no legs. They tumbled in the black blood, and it seemed like they were in pain after the sun shined on them.

Soon, these small bugs exploded, and their blood was also black like ink.

Qiu Yu looked away from Fang Jie and concentrated on these bugs. She looked serious as if she was thinking about something.

Soon, these dozens of bugs died and turned into black blood. Under the illumination of the sunlight, the black blood quickly evaporated, and the tough green stone tiles were corroded by the black blood, looking like they had been here for hundreds of years.

The last bug to explode was the biggest. It was about the size of half a pinky finger, and it looked like a big peanut when it crawled up.

This bug tossed and turned. It seemed like a piece of ignited charcoal while the green stone tile was made of snow. A small hole was put into the green stone tile, and this bug exploded and turned into black blood when it stopped moving.

After all the bugs died, Fang Jie suddenly twitched and spat out another mouthful of blood.

This time, the blood was red and normal.

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