Chapter 223: The Smell (Part Two)

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Then, Fang Jie fell back down and fainted again.

Qiu Yu and Chen Qingshan both rushed up to support Fang Jie. Qiu Yu took Fang Jie’s pulse while Chen Qingshan listened to Fang Jie’s heart. They looked at each other and smiled in joy.

The strong pulse and heartbeat made them extremely joyous.

Ma Lilian who collapsed in front of the door was surprised by all this; she even forgot to wipe away her tears.

She didn’t know if she was happy or scared. She looked at Fang Jie with complex emotions before gasping and running away.

Perhaps she was truly scared.

She couldn’t understand why someone could spat out such black blood with disgusting bugs in it.

Her worries for Fang Jie was shattered by the fear, and she couldn’t help herself but run away.

When Ma Lilian left, Principal Zhou who had disappeared show up in front of the door. The black blood on the ground disappeared, and he didn’t see that shocking scene. He was confused.

“What happened?” he asked Qiu Yu.

Qiu Yu opened her mouth but shook her head in the end. “I don’t know. He suddenly woke up.”

Perhaps she didn’t even know why she lied to Principal Zhou. She didn’t want others to know about the strange red meridians that suddenly lit up in Fang Jie’s body and those 36 light dots.

Perhaps she thought that Fang Jie wouldn’t want others to know the secrets of his body.

Principal Zhou could tell that Qiu Yu omitted some pieces of information, but he didn’t ask further questions. He nodded and said with a smile, “It is great that he isn’t dead. It is great that he isn’t dead.”

After repeating that, Principal Zhou left again.

Qiu Yu touched Fang Jie’s muscles and realized that he was as hard as iron. However, this toughness gradually disappeared, and his body returned to normal in about 30 seconds.

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Fang Jie was sleeping on the bed while breathing normally.

“What… what was that?” Qiu Yu couldn’t help but ask Chen Qingshan; she thought Chen Qingshan knew the answer.

However, Chen Qingshan shook her head and looked lost.

She thought that perhaps Mu Xiaoyao or Da Quan knew the truth. She was young when she joined the team that protected Fang Jie, and she wasn’t a core member. She only gradually became the leader after her cultivation strength increased at a terrifying rate and passed everyone else.

She remembered that Da Quan always carried a sword box on his back while Mu Xiaoyao hung a small silk bag on her neck.

After seeing them again, Chen Qingshan didn’t see the sword box nor the small silk bag.

She didn’t ask anything, but she knew that among everyone who protected Fang Jie, Mu Xiaoyao and Da Quan knew the most.

Mu Xiaoyao was in the northwest right now, and Da Quan went to Yangtze-South.

Hearing no reply, Qiu Yu said after a moment of silence, “Although I haven’t seen these things before, I can somewhat guess.”

“What was that?” Chen Qingshan asked subconsciously.

“In the southwest of Great Sui, there are many savage tribes. I heard that the tribes in the depths of the forest could control those who stumbled into their territories with poisonous bugs. Those people would be like zombies after being controlled, and they would listen to the warlock. They would even kill themselves if they are asked to. There had been warlocks who left their tribes and traveled north, but they were seen as evil figures and got killed,” Qiu Yu sighed, “I’m wondering if the bugs that Fang Jie puked up were the poisonous bugs from the southwest.”

“You mean someone planted poisonous bugs in Fang Jie?” Chen Qingshan asked.

“You heard of it before as well?” Qiu Yu asked.

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