Chapter 223: The Smell (Part Three)

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Chen Qingshan nodded and replied, “I’m from Southern Yan, so I have heard a little about these poisonous bugs. However, Fang Jie has been behaving normally; nothing seems wrong with him.”

Qiu Yu shook her head and said, “You are close to him, yet you don’t know much about it. It is hard for me to figure it out. Perhaps something was suppressing the poisonous bugs, or perhaps his physique is unique and pushed out the poisonous bugs.”

Chen Qingshan said, “Fang Jie told me that Yang Qi, Royal King Zhong, did something to him in Fangu, and his physique improved afterward. Could it be that Royal King Zhong suppressed the poisonous bugs with his cultivation strength?”

“Perhaps…” Qiu Yu sighed, “Royal King Zhong’s cultivation strength is too high. It makes sense that he suppressed these bugs after discovering them in Fang Jie’s body. But why didn’t he remove the bugs? Could it be that he couldn’t do it?”

She frowned and added, “This wouldn’t make sense. If Royal King Zhong couldn’t even do it, how could Fang Jie push out the bugs?”

“Perhaps it wasn’t Fang Jie who pushed the bugs out. Perhaps the bugs escaped on their own?” Chen Qingshan recalled the red meridians and the 36 light dots in Fang Jie’s body before saying, “Did something happen to his body that made the poisonous bugs unable to survive?”

“You mean Royal King Zhong almost eliminated these poisonous bugs before. Now that Fang Jie is stronger, the weak bugs couldn’t survive in his body, so they escaped?” Qiu Yu was even startled by this hypothesis.

“Perhaps no one knows the answer,” Chen Qingshan heaved a long sigh and looked at Fang Jie who was sleeping. She said with a smile, “No matter what, those disgusting things are out of his body. It is a good thing. We should be happy for him.”

Qiu Yu nodded and got up. “I’m going to get some medicine for him. You can keep him company.”

Chen Qingshan stood up and bowed. “Thank you.”

Qiu Yu was surprised, and she replied with a smile, “Let him say that to me after he wakes up.”


Fang Jie found himself in complete darkness. He couldn’t even see his fingers.

He didn’t know where he was, but it seemed like this space was large without limits, yet it also seemed like a tiny enclosed space.

He couldn’t see anything, so he could only slowly march forward.

Then, he suddenly smelled a fragrant scent. He turned around and seemed to discover a weak light far away.

Although this light was weak, it gave Fang Jie hope in the darkness. He started to run toward the light.

The light was getting brighter and brighter, and the fragrant scent also became stronger and stronger.

He breathed heavily and wanted more of this fragrant scent.

He even felt that the fragrant scent flowed through his body and made him extremely pleasurable.

When the light got the brightest, he suddenly heard someone calling his name.

Seeing Fang Jie opening his eyes, Chen Qingshan gasped in joy.

Fang Jie who lay in her arms suddenly realized that the weak light grew stronger because he opened his eyes. Then what was that fragrant scent?

Fang Jie sensed carefully for a long time. Then, he smiled and thought, “This is great. This must be the smell of the forces of nature.”

“What happened? Why are you smiling?” Chen Qingshan asked.

Fang Jie replied with a smile, “Nothing. It is great to be alive.”

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