Chapter 224: I’m Making You Think This Way (Part Three)

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-Royal King Yi’s residence, on top of the tower ship-

Royal King Yi looked at the koi fish in the pond and sighed, “For them to live well in the winter, I spent a ton of money to keep the water warm in the pond. They know that, so they don’t dare to swim out of the pond. Even these insignificant beings know that they can’t survive without me, so why do some people think they can?”

Qin Liuqi knew who Royal King Yi was referring to, so he replied, “Perhaps Li Yuanshan feels like he is holding onto Your Highness’ hidden card, so he is arrogant and thinks that Your Highness can’t do anything without him.”

“These people are the worst,” Royal King Yi snorted, “Extremely greedy. Long-West Li Family is only famous in that remote place. Without me, how could they rise? Li Yuanshan already forgot about his identity, and he is getting more arrogant and annoying.”

After saying that, Royal King Yi tossed the letter into the furnace.

“He dares to talk to me in this tone. He really thinks that he is special.”

Qin Liuqi hesitated and suggested, “Should I send someone to warn him?”

“No need.” Royal King Yi waved his hand and said, “Doesn’t he feel like I can’t do anything without him? Just let him feel this way. The more he feels this way, the more diligent he will be. He would treat everything as his own.”

“Would the situation be out of control?” Qin Liuqi asked.

Royal King Yi smiled and said, “I have more people other than Li Yuanshan in the northwest. He thinks that others won’t be able to take away that secret since he has many soldiers guarding it; he is too naïve. He mentioned in the letter that he will allow the military of Mongo-Yuan to break through the defense, and His Majesty will be enraged. Yang Kai won’t be able to stay in the northwest anymore, but Li Yuanshan also forgot that I can use this incident to get rid of him as well.”

“Working with the people of Mongo-Yuan… This is a saber hanging above his head.”

“Also, tell Li Xiaozong to closely monitor Li Yuanshan.”

Qin Liuqi nodded and said, “In the secret letter from Li Xiaozong, he suspects that Li Yuanshan discovered something and has been pushing him out of the circle.”

“I like interacting with young people, especially those from the Martial Arts Academy. I spent a ton of resources to get close to the top three students from the second last group and the top five students from the last group. I’m going to pull Fang Jie, Yu Xiao, Pei Chuxing, and Xie Fuyao to me as well. The future of Great Sui will depend on these young people. I thought Li Xiaozong would be an insignificant figure, but I don’t mind giving him a boost now that Li Yuanshan is walking away from us.”

Royal King Yi said with a smile, “I’m an idle royal king without power, so I’m only chatting and having fun with these young talents. Everyone thinks this way; what a wonderful thing. No one would expect that the Emperor had planned for this war for about ten years, and I have been preparing my plan for way more than ten years.”

“Your Highness is far-sighted; others wouldn’t understand,” Qin Liuqi said with his head lowered.

Royal King Yi laughed, “I’m making everyone think that I want to go to the northwest and control the military. However, it doesn’t matter to me. I like Chang’an and don’t want to go anywhere else. If His Majesty asks me to go to the northwest, it would be troublesome for me.”

He turned around and said to Qin Liuqi, “Tell the people in the government to recommend me as the chief general of this war in the northwest. I know my fourth brother too well. The louder the voice, the less likely he will send me to the northwest. My fourth brother thinks that he sees everything, but he knows nothing! Li Yuanshan also thinks that he knows everything, but he is only a chess piece. I would feel more settled with him listening to my orders, but I can still do many things without him.”

Qin Liuqi whispered, “The reinforcements would be moving out on February 8th.”

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