Chapter 225: Cultivation (Part Two)

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“Eh…” Qiu Yu nodded and said, “The savage tribes in the southwest would capture those who stubbled into their territories and plant these poisonous bugs in them, turning them into walking dead. They would follow the orders given to them by the warlocks. They would have no sense of pain, and they could still move when their hearts are punctured. Their bodies would be as hard as iron, and ordinary weapons couldn’t harm them. The only weakness is that these puppet soldiers are slow, so it wouldn’t be hard to run away from them. Also, it is easy to tell them apart from ordinary people since everything about them would turn dark. To kill these puppet soldiers, you can either take the poisonous bugs out of their bodies or chop off their heads.”

Fang Jie thought back to his past and didn’t recall any of these symptoms.

Qiu Yu continued, “I asked Chen Qingshan already, and she said that you were no different from an ordinary person when you were young, and changes only took place after you met Royal King Zhong in Fangu. Therefore, those bugs you spat out shouldn’t be these poisonous bugs that could create puppet soldiers.”

“More advanced?” Fang Jie asked.

Qiu Yu nodded and said, “That is the only hypothesis right now. However, warlocks are rare even in the savage tribes. Since warlocks are seen as evil by those outside the savage tribes, they no longer dare to come out of the forests. I haven’t seen any records of anyone not affected after having poisonous bugs planted in their bodies. If the poisonous bugs that were in your body were advance, the warlock who planted them must be famous. Either this warlock never left his tribe, or he died long ago. Otherwise, there would be records on this figure.”

Fang Jie shook his head and still felt lost.

“It seems like I need to ask someone from the southwest.”

“One person must know something.” Qiu Yu looked at Fang Jie and laughed, “Chang’an is huge with people from all over the world.”

“Who?” Fang Jie asked.

“Do you still remember the incident in Guest-Prosper Dwell? A talented participant from the military got disqualified. He is from the southwest, and he had wiped out many savage tribes. I heard that this person didn’t leave Chang’an. He somehow avoided most of the punishments and is close to the butler of Royal King Yi. It seems like he wants to get a position in Royal King Yi’s residence.”

“Wang Wei! That lieutenant from White Water City!” Fang Jie’s eyes lit up as he smiled.

“Of course…” Qiu Yu smiled and said, “I won’t admit to telling you this.”

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Qiu Yu looked at the old man who was eating peanuts and drinking liquor, and she was sure that this man couldn’t listen to their conversation.

This man was old, and his hearing should be bad.

Qiu Yu told Fang Jie everything that had happened to his body, and she whispered, “If I’m not wrong, your body should be drastically different from before. Don’t try to hide things from me; you know that I know more about your body than you. Several red meridians appeared when you woke up, extending from your abdomen and connecting to your limbs. Also, 36 qi-points lit up when the red meridians passed through.”

She smiled and said, “Having 36 opened qi-points is the most basic requirement for cultivation, but I still can’t find your sea of qi.”

Fang Jie smiled bitterly and said, “I always feel like I’m naked in front of you all the time.”

Qiu Yu nodded and said, “You should know that most people are naked in my eyes. Unless someone’s cultivation strength is high enough to block my eyes.”

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