Chapter 226: Morning Dew Saber and Puppet Soldiers (Part One)

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Fang Jie left the library when the sun started to set, and he smiled at that old man habitually when leaving.

The classes were over, and students were chatting in groups of twos and threes.

After seeing Fang Jie, some of them smiled and nodded at him, and some pretended not to see him. Fang Jie smiled at those who smiled at him, and he also ignored those who ignored him.

Although those who ignored Fang Jie acted proudly, they were only showing their low self-esteem.

Fang Jie first went to the horse stable and fed his red horse. Since he got imprisoned in the Royal Guard, his red horse was kept in the Martial Arts Academy. It hadn’t run for a while, so it looked a little chubby.

However, Fang Jie didn’t plan on riding his horse soon. After he got famous in Chang’an, he liked traveling on horse-drawn carriages.

If he rode his horse, too many people would be greeting him on the street. If he ignored people, they might call him cold and arrogant.

On the way back to his shop, Fang Jie carefully thought about what Qiu Yu said. Then, he closed his eyes and tried to sense the force of nature. The force of nature floated in the air in thin strands, and it was difficult to detect these strands if one didn’t pay close attention.

Fang Jie knew that he couldn’t sense much because he only had 36 qi-points.

However, this was a good starting point. What made Fang Jie the happiest was that he got rid of the hidden danger in his body. If he didn’t faint this time, he wouldn’t know that a bunch of disgusting bugs lived inside his body. Although he didn’t see those bugs with his own eyes, he could imagine how nasty those bugs were from Qiu Yu and Chen Qingshan’s descriptions.

Also, since these bugs could corrode hard green stone tiles, it was easy to imagine how poisonous they were. It was scary to think that these things were in his body for about 16 years.

After thinking about this, Fang Jie automatically recalled Yang Qi, Royal King Zhong.

“What method did he use that night to change my physique? Or was my physique like this from the beginning? Did Yang Qi only suppress those bugs? Does he know the origins of these bugs?”

Thinking about this, Fang Jie’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he told the driver of the carriage to go to Beckon of the Red Sleeve.

He remembered that he met Yang Qi for the first time in Beckon of the Red Sleeve, and Yang Qi looked at him strangely then. Yang Qi was meeting Xi Huamei at the time.

Perhaps Xi Huamei would know something.

The horse-drawn carriage traveled forward on the flat green-stone-paved street, and the slight shaking of the horse-drawn carriage made people sleepy.

Just when Fang Jie was about to fall asleep, his hand touched the Morning Dew Saber beside him, and the strong chilliness instantly woke him up.

Fang Jie picked up this saber that didn’t have a sheath, and he liked it more the more he looked at it. He liked sabers over other weapons.

The members of big families liked using long spears since they were expensive to make, and it represented high status. Ordinary people couldn’t afford a long spear.

However, Fang Jie didn’t like long spears. Those things were too long and not nimble enough. Also, people had to learn how to use long spears at a young age to be proficient with this weapon; people who were using long spears for the first time couldn’t unleash any power. A wooden stick would work better.

However, sabers were different; anyone could unleash a ton of power. Of course, it was also difficult to master.

The Morning Dew Saber had a thin layer of water vapor around its blade, and Fang Jie wondered if a mini-rainbow would appear around the saber if it was hit by the bright summer sunlight.

Fang Jie liked this saber so much that he couldn’t put it down.

When he got to Beckon of the Red Sleeve, he wrapped a sheet of cloth around the saber and walked in with the saber in his arms.

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