Chapter 226: Morning Dew Saber and Puppet Soldiers (Part Two)

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It was close to the evening, and Beckon of the Red Sleeve’s business was at its peak. People coming and going were all in fancy clothes, and they greeted each other warmly.

Fang Jie walked in with his head lowered, and he saw the crippled old man sleeping on a bench at a corner.

Fang Jie smiled and walked over before placing his saber on the crippled old man’s chest.

The chilliness shocked the crippled old man, and he quickly sat up and asked Fang Jie, “What is this?”

“A saber,” Fang Jie replied.

The crippled old man frowned and walked to the backyard with it; Fang Jie followed him.

After the crippled old man opened the sheet of cloth in the backyard, his face changed color.

“Morning Dew?” he asked.

Fang Jie was surprised. “You know this saber?”

The crippled old man’s expression turned gloomy, and Fang Jie saw hatred in his eyes.

The crippled old man studied the saber carefully and sighed, “Do you know the Three Famous Sabers and the Three Famous Swords?”

“No.” Fang Jie shook his head.

The crippled old man passed the Morning Dew Saber to Fang Jie, sat down, and said, “It makes sense. People nowadays don’t remember what happened dozens of years ago. When I was young, there were three famous sabers in the martial arts circle, and they were Red Sleeve, Morning Dew, and Spring Cleanse. There were also three famous swords, which were Bloodstain, Cutthroat, and One-Inch Nail.”

“These six weapons were the supreme treasures, and my saber, Blood Slaughter… was broken by the Morning Dew Saber in your hand.”

Fang Jie thought in his mind, “No wonder he recognizes this saber and hates it.”

“This is a saber of misfortune,” the crippled old man sighed and seemed reminiscent of the past.

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“Since the Morning Dew Saber was created, it had six owners, and you are the seventh. The previous owners all died,” the crippled old man said after taking a sip of liquor.

Fang Jie shook his head and said, “I’m the eighth. Royal King Yi gave me this saber, and it has been in his storage for a long while. He is still living well.”

The crippled old man shook his head and explained, “How can he be an owner when he never used this saber?”

He rolled his eyes and added, “The first owner of this saber was Maniac Xu; he was also the creator of this saber. He was a blacksmith, and he found a piece of precious mystic iron from somewhere. He created a long saber and a short sword from the metal. The saber was Morning Dew, and the sword was One-Inch Nail. He traded One-Inch Nail for a saber technique from a famous martial arts master, and he practiced the technique for 15 years. Although the technique was ordinary and he got fooled, he somehow created his own unparalleled saber technique from that ordinary technique.”

“Since he was evil and arrogant, people forgot his name, and his nickname got infamous. He challenged many reputable masters after training in seclusion, and he won all the challenges. Gradually, the nickname of Maniac One Saber got well-known. People all said that he obtained a precious saber and an unparalleled saber technique out of luck, but he created his saber, and his technique was derived from an ordinary technique.”

“Later, he got better control of his temper, and he planned on opening a faction and having disciples. However, he suddenly went crazy and killed hundreds of people with Morning Dew. Then, he cut his own throat, and this saber disappeared. This saber reappeared about a dozen years later, and the second owner also got famous before going crazy, just like Maniac Xu, killing others before committing suicide.”

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