Chapter 226: Morning Dew Saber and Puppet Soldiers (Part Three)

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The crippled old man paused for a second and said, “It is a saber of misfortune because all six of its previous owners had the same fate; they all went crazy and committed suicide. If you want to listen to me, then don’t use this evil blade. Although the Blood Slaughter Saber I gave you isn’t as sharp as the Morning Dew Saber, it is clean and safe to use!”

“Mystic iron…” Fang Jie murmured and suddenly thought of something.

In his previous life, he heard that ancient people didn’t know what iron meteorites were, and they called them mystic iron. The metal extracted from them was stronger than ordinary metal.

If the Morning Dew Saber was made from a piece of iron meteorite, perhaps it contained some radiation. The fact that people who used it for a long time all went crazy might be caused by radiation.

It meant that people shouldn’t keep this saber close to them for a long time.

Fang Jie’s heart suddenly lurched as he thought, “Royal King Yi must know about the background of this saber. Is he only trying to befriend me by giving me this saber? If the stories are true, would I go crazy and commit suicide after many years? What is Royal King Yi up to?”

Seeing the strange expression on Fang Jie’s face, the crippled old man said after a moment of silence, “The Morning Dew Saber has disappeared for about 30 years, and perhaps Royal King Yi had it all this time. It hasn’t seen blood for many years, and perhaps the vicious energy surrounding it disappeared. It would be best for you to control yourself and not kill people when unnecessarily. It would be tragic if the vicious energy of this saber gets to you and makes you go crazy.”

“I got it,” Fang Jie said after passing the saber to the crippled old man, “I need to go upstairs; I have something to ask Aunt Xi about.”

“What is it?” the crippled old man asked.

Fang Jie thought that perhaps the crippled old man knew something, so he sat down and told this old man about the poisonous bugs that had been in his body. He knew that this old man wouldn’t spread it around, so he didn’t hide anything.

Upon hearing it, the crippled old man frowned and sighed after a long time, “It is probably the poisonous bugs from the savages in the south.”

“When I was young, I killed a warlock from the south. That guy killed many people and dared to create a faction in Great Sui. He lied and said that the people who trained with him would obtain great physiques, and they wouldn’t be injured by weapons. Many young people fell for this trap and got poisonous bugs planted in their bodies. Later, a group of martial arts masters decided to put an end to this. Although I wasn’t a hero, I hate such evil figures and went with some friends.”

“It was a vicious battle. Those puppet soldiers were truly hard to kill as sabers and swords couldn’t injure them, and many martial arts masters suffered. This battle only ended when I and a few others broke through and captured that warlock. I killed that warlock by chopping off his head, and you couldn’t imagine what happened next. Black blood spurted out, and a big centipede that was more than 30 centimeters long came out of his body!”

After a moment of silence, the crippled old man continued as he got a little scared, “From then on, the martial arts master of Great Sui would kill the savages from the south regardless if they were warlocks. After this tradition appeared, those savages from the south no longer dared to appear in Great Sui. I heard that the last emperor of Shang liked warlocks and had many of them working for him, and the last prince of Shang escaped from many elite soldiers of Sui under the protection of puppet soldiers that were directed by a warlock. After creating Southern Yan, Murong Chi, who was that last prince and later became the emperor, ordered to execute that warlock, and he burned those puppet soldiers in a deep pit with fire.”

Fang Jie was intrigued by the story. After a moment of silence, he asked, “Do you know how those warlocks control their puppet soldiers? Did Royal King Zhong mention anything to Aunt Xi? Did she mention anything to you?”

The crippled old man thought for a moment and said, “I don’t know if His Highness mentioned you to Aunt Xi, but I know a bit about these poisonous bugs. Do you know that the Buddhist Sect has 3,000 golden-body monk soldiers that are known to invulnerable to blades?”

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