Chapter 228: Should I Do It? (Part One)

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Just when this girl was about to take off Fang Jie’s shoes, Fang Jie was surprised and dodged to the side.

Then, he felt like he wasn’t acting like a proper customer in this pleasure quarter, so he laughed to hide his awkwardness and said, “There is no hurry. How about you drink with me first?”

The girl nodded and poured a cup of liquor for Fang Jie.

Fang Jie sat down and asked, “What is your name?”

The charming smile on the girl’s face seemed to come from repeated practice, and her coquettishness didn’t seem natural. She answered, “My name is Zhuang Dei. Gongzi, what is your name?”

“My last name is Fang,” Fang Jie replied with a smile.

“Gongzi Fang,” Zhuang Dei addressed him and moved the liquor cup to his lips.

It seemed like she hesitated for a moment before braving up and sitting on Fang Jie’s thighs.

She had learned many ways to please men, even though she had never used them before.

Fang Jie’s body stiffed a little, but he didn’t stop Zhuang Dei from sitting on his thighs. He was acting as a customer here, so he drank the liquor that Zhuang Dei offered to him, and he felt the butterflies in his stomach after smelling this girl’s fragrant scent.

Perhaps he wouldn’t be this uncomfortable if the setting was different, but he felt awkward in this pleasure quarter. His mind was from Earth, and he couldn’t enjoy the service that this place offered. He felt like he was a criminal.

“Where are you from?” Fang Jie tried to change his focus. He wasn’t a saint, so he couldn’t ignore this pretty girl.

“I don’t know…” Zhuang Dei shook her head and said, “I was brought by the Madam when I was little, and I learned everything in here. The Madam told me that my home should be somewhere in Yangtze-South. There were too many kids in my family, and my family couldn’t afford to raise everyone, so I and one of my sisters were sold. The Madam doesn’t even know where I’m from; how could I know?”

Although Zhuang Dei was smiling, she looked sad.

Fang Jie looked at her expression and felt like it wasn’t sincere. Her sad appearance was probably an act.

He instantly realized that acting pitiable was one of the ways that the girls in pleasure quarters used. When customers felt sorry for them, they might give these girls more money.

If this girl was sold to this place long ago, then she probably had no concept of her hometown. She shouldn’t be as sad as she appeared now.

Fang Jie knew that pure girls like Zhuang Dei were the money trees of pleasure quarters, and their first time would be sold for an extremely high price.

Before handling customers, they were treated like those from big families, eating great food and wearing great clothes. Also, they weren’t trafficked to this place, so they knew what their lives would be.

Displaying their sad side was for making more money.

Although Fang Jie heard that the people in this line of work were usually great actresses and actors, he didn’t really understand that. Now, he realized how great they were.

This girl was young, yet she knew how to act. Those more experienced must be great actresses.

“Eh…” Fang Jie nodded and said, “I feel sorry for you. Don’t worry; life will get better.”

Zhuang Dei was pleased and thought that she had charmed this gongzi. She placed her head on Fang Jie’s chest and said, “I’m a pitiful person, and it wouldn’t get better. I only hope that you will be gentle with me. If you don’t hate me, please come back and visit me from time to time.”

After hearing that, she started to rub her chest on Fang Jie’s chest, and her arms wrapped around Fang Jie’s neck. Fang Jie wasn’t willing to do anything because she looked pure, but now he realized that he was too naïve.

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