Chapter 229: Are You Tough Enough to Yourself? (Part One)

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Zhuang Dei was still a pure girl, so Fang Jie’s plan would fall apart if he didn’t do anything. However, if he did what he was supposed to do, he wouldn’t feel good about it.

Although he paid for this girl’s first night, he hesitated greatly and didn’t know what to do.

Perhaps Fang Jie wouldn’t hesitate like this if Zhuang Dei wasn’t drunk; he felt awkward right now that she passed out.

After ten minutes, Fang Jie made a difficult decision. He stripped Zhuang Dei naked and made the quilt messy. Then, he drank some liquor and poured the rest on his body.

Next, he kicked over the table and lay on the bed, pretending to fall asleep.

Hearing that something fell over, the servant outside quickly informed the Madam. The Madam hesitated for a moment and asked people to break open the door from the outside.

Seeing the scene in the room, the Madam laughed and said, “I knew this gongzi is a virgin. He is so drunk at a valuable moment like this. Move the gongzi onto the bed and lie Zhuang Dei beside him. Perhaps the gongzi will still be interested in the morning.”

When the servants walked to Fang Jie, he said a few random sentences as if he was drunk. Then, he suddenly opened his eyes and said in shock, “What time is it now? I need to rush back. Otherwise, my tiger-like wife will kill me!”

After saying that, he tried to get out of the room in a hurry.

The Madam asked people to support him out of New Moon Building, and she also wanted to hire a horse-drawn carriage for Fang Jie. However, Fang Jie declined the kindness and walked away on his own while staggering a little.

After walking into an alleyway, Fang Jie returned to normal and sighed, “I sure lost out today.”

He spent a ton of money but didn’t really get anything.

However, Fang Jie didn’t have time to waste here, so he quickly returned to his shop.

Since Fang Jie allowed the tailors and the apprentices to go on a break, only he and Chen Qingshan were in the shop, so they didn’t need to worry about anything.

As soon as Fang Jie stepped into the shop, he couldn’t help but laugh. The person he captured was hung off the beam of the building by Chen Qingshan, and this person kept on struggling like a pig in a slaughterhouse that had its four limbs tied together.

His mouth was stuffed, and he could only make muffled noises.

Seeing Fang Jie, Chen Qingshan smirked and asked, “How was the woman in that building?”

Fang Jie didn’t dare to say anything strange, so he explained that he pretended to be drunk and escaped. However, he could tell from Chen Qingshan’s eyes that she didn’t believe this real answer.

“I did spend the silver taels, but I didn’t touch her.” Fang Jie swore with one of his hands held up high. “This is the worst decision I made, and my heart is aching. Please don’t doubt my sincerity. Otherwise, you would be just stabbing me in the heart. If you look at me like that, I will go back and get my money’s worth.”

Chen Qingshan glanced at him, and Fang Jie instantly gave up. He changed out of his clothes and walked to the person hanging off the beam.

This man’s eyes and mouth were covered, and he kept on trying to break free. Fang Jie smiled and asked, “What? You can’t guess who I am?”

That man stopped moving and snorted after a moment of silence.

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