Chapter 23: Exceptional Among Wastrels (Part One)

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Fang Jie didn’t hear Li Xiaozong’s murmur, and he was too lazy to think about what was in Li Xiaozong’s mind. It was strange; his hatred toward Li Xiaozong was minor, even though he would have died under Li Xiaozong’s calculation a few days ago if he wasn’t lucky.

This wasn’t done by the hunters who had been after him for 15 years; Li Xiaozong planned this trap to save himself.

If Fang Jie were a level 9 master, he would beat Li Xiaozong into a meat pie, just like how Du Hongxian made Li Xiaozong’s face swell up in Yun’s Meat Shop.

After sneaking out of Li Xiaozong’s residence from the back, Fang Jie could still hear pleas coming from people who gathered in front of the residence.

Fang Jie was touched. Although all the things that he did in the last three years were for personal reasons, the residents of Fangu benefited greatly.

People weren’t cold-blooded creatures. Sometimes, Fang Jie felt warm inside when thinking about these people. He wasn’t planning to talk to the residents; he wanted to quietly leave just like how he quietly came.

But when Fang Jie left Li Xiaozong’s residence, he suddenly felt like it was a little cruel to leave like this. Even though some people were worried that they might have less income, many people wanted Fang Jie to stay since they really liked him.

There was a horse-drawn carriage behind Li Xiaozong’s residence, and Da Quan was drawing in the snow out of boredom beside it. The crippled old man who always stayed in Beckon of the Red Sleeve was sitting on the carriage and drinking his liquor. Judging from his expression, it felt like he was drinking heavenly liquor.

When Fang Jie walked over, Da Quan just finished drawing. He threw the wooden stick to the side and looked proud. It was hard to draw in the snow since all the lines would be too thick. However, Da Quan’s drawing was unique, and Fang Jie took only one look and commented, “So… lewd.”

This man who seemed uninterested in women drew a naked woman.

“A lewd person sees everything as lewd,” Da Quan said with displeasure, “The body of a virgin is one of the purest things in the world, and the white snow that just fell from the sky is also one of the purest in the world. I drew with a pure heart, but you see it as lewd. Your eyes are covered by the dirt of the world, so you can’t see the pure things in the world.”

Fang Jie paused for a second and looked at Da Quan in disbelief. “After you entered Beckon of the Red Sleeve, you can’t speak properly anymore? It seems people like you should be locked up.”

The crippled old man snorted and said, “I don’t have time to waste on you two. Are you leaving? If not, I will go first.”

Fang Jie’s attitude toward this crippled old man was completely different. He got onto the horse-drawn carriage and said, “Old Grandpa, Ms. Xi calls you Grandpa Luo; I will risk being a little offensive and call you Grandpa Luo as well.”
“Speak if you need to speak, and fart if you need to fart.”

[TL Note: This is a common saying in Chinese.]

A weak noise sounded, and the crippled old man opened his eyes wide and moved into the compartment on the carriage. “You are acting so close to me just to fart?”

“It was a coincident; it was really a coincident.” Fang Jie smiled embarrassedly and slightly opened the curtain to ventilate. “I ate a bit too much, and I had to fight with Li Xiaozong in terms of presence and demonstrate my ambition. I had to hold onto this fart. For some reason, I was no longer able to hold it in after I left his residence.”

“That makes some sense. As a young person, you can lose in terms of everything but ambition.” The crippled old man smiled at Fang Jie which was rare, and he handed his liquor gourd to Fang Jie while saying, “Do you want to take a sip?”

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