Chapter 230: Clues (Part One)

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The saber slowly pierced into Wang Wei’s abdomen.

Fang Jie’s hands were stable, and Wang Wei felt the saber entering his body.

When Wang Wei was in the southwest, he was cruel and killed many people. He knew what would happen next because he had pierced many people’s abdomens.

For normal people, when a blade with blood grooves on it gets pulled out of their abdomens, the pressure within their bodies would push their intestines out. If their intestines weren’t injured, and they were able to stuff their intestines back into their bodies, they could still survive if their wounds were treated in time. However, if the blade was twisted once inside someone’s body, even a god couldn’t save this person.

For cultivators, their seas of qi were in their abdomens.

Of course, great cultivators’ internal forces were powerful, and their bodies would be tempered so much that ordinary weapons couldn’t injure them.

However, Wang Wei wasn’t on that level, and Fang Jie’s Morning Dew Saber was a precious weapon.

“You were once a border soldier, so you know death more than others,” Fang Jie said with a smile, “You should know that I’m not threatening you. If I don’t hear the answer, I will kill you; I can’t let others know that I captured you. I don’t want Royal King Yi to know that I killed one of his henchmen; I’m close with him now.”

Wang Wei sneered, “Do you think you will fool me? You will kill me regardless if I tell the truth or not.”

Fang Jie shook his head and replied, “If you tell me the truth, I will treat you as my friend. You should know that I lack people right now. Although Royal King Yi likes me, I don’t have powerful people around me. You should think about it and give me the truth before my hands twist the saber.”

Fang Jie added, “You are smart, or you wouldn’t have left Great General Luo’s residence to go to White Water City. You know Luo Yao’s personality. You might see and hear things that you shouldn’t in his residence, and you might die because of it. That was why you begged Luo Yao to release you to White Water City. Since you are clever, you must know that I’m telling the truth.”

Wang Wei’s face changed colors nonstop; he couldn’t be sure if Fang Jie was telling the truth.

Although Fang Jie said that he was now close with Royal King Yi, Wang Wei couldn’t be sure. Why would Fang Jie stand with Royal King Yi when the Emperor already liked him?

Wang Wei’s career path ended after that incident in Guest-Prosper Dwell, and Royal King Yi’s butler found him when he had nowhere to go. He was told that if he was willing to work for Royal King Yi, most of his penalties would be removed, and he might become someone influential.

Wang Wei grasped the opportunity and accepted a mission from that butler, which was guarding that residence. However, he didn’t even know what was being hidden in that place.

That butler only told him that an important thing was hidden there. If someone discovered it, he would die instantly, and even Royal King Yi would be negatively affected.

Wang Wei instantly realized that Royal King Yi was planning something big, and proof could be found in that residence.

He was terrified that he got on such a bad boat, and he became a little crazy, shouting from time to time during day and night.

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