Chapter 231: Knock the Mountain to Alert the Tiger (Part One)

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It was already late when Fang Jie returned to the residence where Wang Wei stayed earlier, and Fang Jie saw Qin Liuqi, Royal King Yi’s butler, in the yard.

Fang Jie was hiding on a tree and didn’t dare to move; he wasn’t sure if Qin Liuqi was a cultivation master.

Only about three hours had passed since Fang Jie left here, but Qin Liuqi had already appeared. Clearly, there was something in this yard that was a top-secret, and Fang Jie had to admit that he was lucky and didn’t run into other people when he captured Wang Wei.

Fang Jie only carefully got off the tree when Qin Liuqi left. He wanted to look around and see if these people would transport something out of here, but the sky was turning bright, and he might be discovered if he stayed here longer.

When Fang Jie returned to his shop, the blood and corpse were taken care of. He didn’t ask Chen Qingshan about what she did; he trusted Chen Qingshan.

“No actual progress.” Fang Jie changed out of his dark clothes and washed his face with cold water. Then, he said to Chen Qingshan, “Other than knowing that Luo Yao has warlocks working for him, we don’t know anything else. It seems like Wang Wei didn’t know what is been hidden in that yard. He is someone on the outside; he isn’t a core member of Royal King Yi’s group. From this point of view, it is terrifying to think about how many people Royal King Yi pulled to his side since even Wang Wei was recruited.”

Chen Qingshan asked after a moment of silence, “Are you going to the Royal Palace?”

Fang Jie shook his head and said, “If I enter the Royal Palace right after Wang Wei died, people would be suspicious of me. Since the Emperor asked Su Buwei to connect with me, he must have a way, and I only need to wait.”

Then, he looked at the sky and said, “After eating something, I will be going to the Martial Arts Academy. You can get some rest.”

Chen Qingshan nodded and waited for Fang Jie to change to his academy uniform. Then, the two of them went to eat breakfast outside the shop.

The couple who were selling hot noodle soup near the shop already opened their joint, and they were familiar with Fang Jie.

The couple had a great impression of Mr. Fang since he was sincere and didn’t act aloof like other famous people, and they liked that he was from a poor background. He was more like a junior from the neighborhood and not a top student in the Martial Arts Academy.

Seeing Fang Jie and Chen Qingshan walking over, the old couple greeted them warmly. They felt like this young couple was fitting for each other. Fang Jie was handsome and talented, and Chen Qingshan was pretty, gentle, and charming.

“Morning, Mr. Fang,” the owner waved and asked, “The usual?”

Fang Jie nodded and said with a smile, “Old Wang, you are up much earlier. Just get us the usual.”

When talking, he discovered that someone was already eating at this joint.

When Fang Jie walked close, he realized that he had met this young man before; this young man walked by him and nodded at him when he was leaving Royal King Yi’s residence a few days ago.

The young man looked at Fang Jie and nodded with a smile. Fang Jie nodded back and sat down with Chen Qingshan a table away.

“Mr. Fang, you go to the Martial Arts Academy every day so early,” Old Wang said while cooking.

Fang Jie’s attention was focused on this young man, but he didn’t show it. He smiled and replied to Old Wang, “I got lucky and entered the Martial Arts Academy with my background, so I need to be more diligent. Others’ starting points are higher, and I will be far behind them if I don’t work hard.”

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