Chapter 232: Three Strange Men and One Pretty Girl (Part One)

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Fang Jie was the most unique person in the Martial Arts Academy. He rarely appeared in the classroom.

Professor Mo Wanwu was used to it. He knew that Fang Jie didn’t forgive him. After all, what happened on Half Moon Mountain was caused by him.

When he saw Fang Jie walking toward the library and not the classroom, Mo Wanwu could only smile bitterly and shake his head.

He was a professor, so he couldn’t chase after a student and apologize repeatedly.

Although Mo Wanwu didn’t like what happened on Half Moon Mountain, he didn’t regret his decision. If the students of the Martial Arts Academy couldn’t handle such setbacks, how could they lead soldiers on the battleground?

It wasn’t a bad thing for students to see death.

Of course, it wasn’t fair for the dead students.

Fang Jie walked into the library and sat down at his usual spot. He was by a window and could see people coming and going on the path outside.

It was quiet in this corner of the library, and he could focus on reading or meditating.

After Ma Lilian saw him puking out dozens of bugs, Fang Jie never saw her again in the library.

Fang Jie didn’t care about Ma Lilian’s change. He and that girl wouldn’t interact much to begin with, and she never entered his heart.

Fang Jie had finished the book on the Innumerable-Sword Hall. It contained many fragmented pieces of information, and it wasn’t a comprehensive record. However, Fang Jie studied a few sword techniques that were mentioned in the book and turned them into saber techniques. He practiced them in secret and felt like they were useful.

Fang Jie was from the border and was used to battle. He sought after techniques that were simple and direct, killing enemies within a few moves.

Xie Fuyao showed Fang Jie the Yin-Yang Sword of Wudang Mountain, but Fang Jie didn’t like this ethereal sword technique. Such a nimble and dashing sword technique could be useful when dueling someone, but it wouldn’t be effective in a huge battle. Even the most brilliant sword master couldn’t rely on his ethereal sword technique when facing tens of thousands of soldiers.

Fang Jie had been reading books on cultivation, and the basic cultivation techniques of a few big factions could be found in the library. Their essence was the same.

Fang Jie tried to control the forces of nature that he sensed, but it wasn’t useful in battle given his current progress. After thinking for a while, he realized that he was on the wrong path.

Since Fang Jie detected the forces of nature, he wanted to kill enemies from afar like cultivators. However, he could only sense a tiny bit of forces of nature, and it was useless right now.

He suddenly realized that it was already a huge success since he could move the forces of nature around him.

He was great with close-range combat, so he should think of a way to integrate the forces of nature that he could sense into his battle style.

After thinking that through, Fang Jie tried to move the forces of nature that he could detect into his fists. He couldn’t store the forces of nature in his body since he didn’t have a sea of qi, but he could concentrate the forces of nature at one point. Although it was weak, it should improve his offensive ability.

Fang Jie’s body was tough, and the damage that he could unleash would increase if he merged the forces of nature into his attacks.

This was a bold test. Instead of absorbing the forces of nature into his body and spreading them into his limbs, he tried to concentrate the forces of nature around his body, like putting a layer of iron outside his fists.

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