Chapter 234: The Discussion In East Warmth Chamber (Part One)

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The Emperor’s edict was finally announced on February 1st, and the reinforcements were going to leave Chang’an and head toward the northwest on February 12th, slightly different from the rumored date of February 8th. However, the chief commander was no other than Great General Yu Manlou of Left Martial Guard just as everyone expected.

Yu Manlou was known as a scholarly general, and he was one of the most senior great generals. Except for Great General Yu Zhengdong of Right Command Guard and Great General Luo Yao of Left Advance Guard, Yu Manlou was the oldest.

Yu Manlou leaving Chang’an and reinforcing the northwest was a huge event. Since the Second Emperor, rarely did the military guarding Chang’an went on an expedition. This showed how concerned the Emperor was about the war.

The military in the northwest of 700,000 soldiers captured Mandu Flag, and it made sense to reinforce them. However, moving soldiers from Capital-Region Circuit and not from other places sent an interesting message.

Also, more and more rumors said that Royal King Yi was going to lead the reinforcements, but the Emperor didn’t mention anything. Sending Yu Manlou instead was a clear message as well.

Although the Emperor didn’t show a clear attitude toward the King of Xu State who was commanding the war in the northwest, he was clearly displeased with Li Yuanshan and other great generals.

Seeing the edict, the officials all had their own thoughts.

Those close to Royal King Yi all asked him in secret about what to do next, and those hostile toward Royal King Yi were secretly pleased and calmed down.

Those who were against Royal King Yi leading the reinforcements were mostly loyal figures; they didn’t want to see a royal king holding so much military power. It wouldn’t be a good thing for the Emperor.

Now that the edict was issued, Royal King Yi should give up.

After the morning meeting, the Emperor kept Great General Yu Manlou of Left Martial Guard, Deputy Zong Lianghu of the Ministry of War, Head Huai Qiugong of the Ministry of Rites, and Deputy Pei Yan of the Chancellery for a private meeting in East Warmth Chamber.

Among these four people, it seemed like only Huai Qiugong was close to Royal King Yi. However, they only fished and toured Chang’an together; this senior always stuck to his principles.

It seemed like the Emperor never doubted this senior who had served three emperors.

After eating some food in a room, the four of them walked into East Warmth Chamber.

The Emperor was always kind and asked these four officials to eat breakfast before coming here.

When the four of them entered the room, the Emperor was eating while flipping through a memorial to the throne.

The Emperor didn’t have a big appetite; there was only a bowl of porridge and a few vegetable dishes.

Huai Qiugong frowned and bowed before saying, “Your Majesty, although you are busy, you need to take care of yourself. How can you only eat these?”

The Emperor smiled and stopped Huai Qiugong from continuing. “I’m not feeling great, and I can only eat these light foods. I will get better in a few days. The royal doctors gave me some medicine; I don’t think it is necessary, but I can’t do whatever I want.”

Huai Qiugong smiled and stood on the side.

Although the position of the Deputy of the Chancellery wasn’t high, Pei Yan had a ton of power. He walked into East Warmth Chamber the last, but Yu Manlou and Zong Lianghu both saved a spot for him, allowing him to stand beside Huai Qiugong.

All officials were a little afraid of this lowkey deputy of the Chancellery; they all said that he was unpredictable and profound.

“You guys sit down first. I will talk with you after I finish eating.” The Emperor pointed at the chairs in the room and continued to drink his porridge while reviewing this memorial to the throne.

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