Chapter 235: Not the Right Person (Part One)

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When Little Dot saw Zhuang Dei, who followed Fang Jie into Beckon of the Red Sleeve, the hostility in her eyes was more intense than when she saw Chen Qingshan.

She wanted to greet Fang Jie, but she snorted and walked away.

Fang Jie only brought Zhuang Dei here to make her think that he completely trusted her, but he didn’t expect to anger Little Dot; he was slightly confused.

Fang Jie asked Zhuang Dei to wait for him downstairs, then he walked to the second floor and sat down beside Little Dot shamelessly.

“What is going on? Who angered the little boss? Does this person not want to live in Chang’an anymore? Come on! Tell me who angered you, and I will avenge you!”

“Really?” Little Dot looked at Fang Jie and asked.

“Of course!” Fang Jie grab a few strands of Little Dot’s hair and smelled them with an intoxicated expression.

Little Dot shook her head and pulled her hair back. Then, she grabbed the knife in a plate of fruits and said, “You angered me. I will forgive you if you directly turn yourself into a eunuch.”

Fang Jie was startled, and he asked, “Why do you hate me this much? How can you ask me to cut off that important body part?”

“Why are you a player?” Little Dot swung the knife and said viciously, “You have Sister Chen who is like a fairy and Sister Mu who is pretty and gentle, but you still want more women! Why did you bring a cute girl here? Are you trying to show off?”

Fang Jie laughed, “I’m glad you are not my wife. Otherwise, you would pull my eyes out if I look at another woman. I’m someone of status now; is it so evil to have a few maids and study attendants?”

“Yeah! You can’t have them!” Little Dot said while glaring at him.

Fang Jie instantly admitted defeat.

Since Little Dot became the manager of Beckon of the Red Sleeve, she would only act childish in front of him. It was tough for her to manage the big business alone. Therefore, Fang Jie treated her like a little sister, and he also teased her from time to time.

“Alright.” Fang Jie looked back at Zhuang Dei and whispered to Little Dot, “When I go back, I will ask her to resign, ok?”

Little Dot rolled her eyes and put down the knife. “Mr. Fang, what brings you here today? You don’t come here for no reason.”

Fang Jie teased, “How much do you love me? How come you are so jealous? Even your Sister Chen and Sister Mu aren’t as jealous as you.”

Little Dot froze for a second and threw a handful of fruits at Fang Jie. “You… BS!”

Fang Jie sat still and quickly moved his hands. Then, he opened his hands and showed that he caught all the fragrance fruits that Little Dot threw at him.

He ate one and praised, “So sweet.”

Little Dot snorted and got up to leave, but Fang Jie quickly pulled onto her hand and said, “You teased me first, but I’m thick-skinned. Sit down; I have something important to talk to you about. I heard that the Emperor decided on February 12th, and Beckon of the Red Sleeve will be performing on the square outside Tai Chi Palace alongside other song and dance ensembles.”

While saying that, Fang Jie held onto Little Dot’s hand and squeezed it a little. Little Dot snorted and pulled her hand back, but Fang Jie grabbed onto it shamelessly again.

Little Dot tried to pull back her hand again, but Fang Jie squeezed it tighter. She blushed and looked away from Fang Jie, and she stopped pulling back her hand.

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