Chapter 236: Really High (Part One)

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Pine Pavilion was an old and famous restaurant in Chang’an. It was heard that the owner was close to a big figure in the government.

All kinds of horse-drawn carriages with symbols of influential families were parked in front of this place, and many big figures liked eating here.

The dishes that Pine Pavilion offered were delicate; it was heard that the chef working here was once in the Royal Kitchen.

The other important reason for its great business was that the building only occupied about one-fourth of the land. The yard in the back was the most expensive place. Many small yards were sectioned out by tall walls, and they weren’t connected to each other. A mysterious method was used so that even if two people sat in adjacent yards, they wouldn’t be able to hear each other and know who was next-door.

Those who had never been to the back of Pine Pavilion wouldn’t know about these yards, and those who had never been inside these yards wouldn’t know about how amazing they were. Even those who had been here might not notice these details unless they were extremely aware of their surroundings.

The door to the biggest yard was always closed, and rarely did guests come and go from there. Even when it was empty, it wasn’t open to the public. When guests asked, they were told that the owner rested there.

No one would doubt anything after hearing this response.

In fact, this was where many big figures in the government discussed secretive matters. Other than extremely urgent and confidential matter, they wouldn’t come here; they could discuss other things when eating and chatting at other places.

On the evening of February 2nd, the door of this yard opened and welcomed about a dozen people who all had gloomy expressions. They had thick fur coats on, and their hats covered their foreheads. Although only their faces below their eyes could be seen, others could tell that they were mad.

The waiter in this yard was a henchman of the owner of Pine Pavilion, and he wouldn’t leave this place on the regular.

After these people came in, the waiter closed the door.

These people quickly walked into the house in the yard and hung their fur coats on the clothing rack.

They all sat down on the chairs in the room, and someone finally spoke after the waiter poured tea for them and left.

“Wu Yidao is stepping over the line!” a tall and thin figure said in displeasure, “Since we asked Royal King Yi to help us, we are trying to give Wu Yidao a way out of this. If he hands everything over to us and leaves Chang’an, ditching the Worldwide Trading Company behind, he will be able to live. Are money and business more valuable than his life? We are giving him enough respect already, but he is ignorant of this!”

A slightly fat figure sighed, “We can’t delay this anymore. Wu Yidao helped His Majesty transport soldiers to the northwest without telling us, and His Majesty got shocked by the strength of the Worldwide Trading Company. Before His Majesty takes over the Worldwide Trading Company, we must make Wu Yidao yield!”

“Right,” the person sitting closest to the door said, “His Majesty is clearly interested in the Worldwide Trading Company. If the Worldwide Trading Company is confiscated by the government, the Ministry of Revenue, the Ministry of Personnel, and even the Ministry of Justice would go through the account book. If His Majesty learns that close to half of all officials have shares in the Worldwide Trading Company, he would be angered for sure!”

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