Chapter 236: Really High (Part Two)

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“This isn’t the key… The key is that none of us are clean,” someone sighed, “Back then, Royal King Yi said that if we have shares in the Worldwide Trading Company, we will make money for sure. How could we not trust His Highness’ words? We all invested money, and Wu Yidao didn’t decline anyone’s money. We made money, and we invested more back, making our hands dirtier in the eyes of His Majesty. We have conflicts before due to the splitting of money, but we must come together and come up with a plan to make Wu Yidao yield.”

“We must pull ourselves out of this cleanly before His Majesty’s edict is issued.”

A scholarly man shook his head and said, “Have you guys thought about why Wu Yidao isn’t budging even though he would offend close to half of all officials?”

“He is an idiot!” someone cursed with hatred.

“He is no idiot!” the person who asked the question replied, “I have been thinking about this situation for a while now, and I finally understood something yesterday. Why is he provoking us and Royal King Yi?”

He added after a pause, “He isn’t willing to let go of his business! He isn’t fighting us; he is fighting His Majesty. He isn’t letting go right now because he wants us to talk for him and stop His Majesty from confiscating the Worldwide Trading Company! He is forcing us to help him save his business. Anyone would see their business like their child, and they would fight back when it is being taken away, even if it is His Majesty’s order.”

“You mean he wouldn’t budge at all?”

“It would be tough!”

“What should we do then?”

“Kill him?”

“Killing Wu Yidao isn’t that effective; we don’t know where he hid the account book. Also, we did many shady things, and Wu Yidao must have recorded all of them. He must have hidden the account book and these records in a secret place. Otherwise, why is he so bold?”

“It is troublesome not knowing where those things are. If killing him can solve this problem, we wouldn’t be sitting here today.”

The scholarly man hesitated and said, “We analyzed everything before; perhaps his daughter has all those things since she was sent to One Qi Daoist Temple in Yangtze-South. Wu Yidao wouldn’t trust others with these important things. Either he has them, or his daughter has them.”

“It has been almost two months now!” the thin and tall man said, “The people we sent to Yangtze-South hasn’t sent back any information. Wu Yidao is an old cunning fox! He expected this day; that is why he spent a ton of money to send his daughter to One Qi Daoist Temple! I thought he was only spoiling his daughter, giving her everything she wanted. Now, it seems like he had been planning since then!”

“We must wait. If the people we sent to Yangtze-South bring back bad news, we can only take care of this in Chang’an. In the worst-case scenario, we will kill Wu Yidao and all his henchmen. By then, even if His Majesty wants to find that account book, no one would know where it is. Wu Yidao must want to keep this secretive, so not many people know about this. We don’t have to kill that many people.”

“That Fang Jie… He lived at Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence a while back. Do you guys think Wu Yidao gave those things to him?”

“Probably not. How can Wu Yidao trust an outsider that much?”

“Royal King Yi already sent someone to Fang Jie. If Wu Yidao gave the account book to Fang Jie, we will soon find out!” This person was Qin Liuqi, Royal King Yi’s butler!

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