Chapter 237: Daoists From Wudang Mountain (Part One)

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While walking, Fang Jie frequently turned to look at the young man named Yan Kuang who was chuckling behind him, and he sighed while shaking his head.

To make this guy look more pleasing to the eye, Fang Jie asked him to get washed and change into a set of brand-new study attendant uniform comprised of a cyan robe, a cyan hat, and a pair of black cloth boots. However, it didn’t hide his ugliness.

Fang Jie even suspected that this young man was the reincarnation of a devil.

Although the snot was gone, Fang Jie still got laughed at when he walked into the academy with Yan Kuang. Study attendants were usually good-looking with red lips and white teeth, but Fang Jie’s study attendant wasn’t even close to that standard.

Fang Jie ran into Yu Xiao. After chatting for a bit, Yu Xiao pulled Fang Jie aside and asked with a frown while looking at Yan Kuang, “Where did you find this person? He will scare people to death at night.”

Fang Jie smiled awkwardly and said, “A fortune-teller told me that my luck is bad, so I found this guy to scare all evil away.”

Yu Xiao froze for a second and said, “It sure would be hard to see him at night; he could just stand at a corner, and people wouldn’t be able to see him.”

Fang Jie smiled and asked, “I heard that Great General Yu is going to the northwest soon?”

Yu Xiao nodded and replied, “His Majesty’s edict is already here, and the date is February 12th. This date isn’t that special. I flipped through the calendar; it isn’t good nor bad according to divination. However, my father doesn’t believe in things like gods and ghosts.”

“There aren’t gods and ghosts; why believe in them?” Fang Jie replied, “If this war happens later, both you and I can go on the expedition. With your help, perhaps I can obtain many counts of military merit.”

Yu Xiao looked around to make sure no one was close. Then, he whispered, “This war might not end that quickly. When I chatted with my father a few days ago, he said that to protect Mandu Flag, a great wall would need to be built. Until then, the military of Mongo-Yuan wouldn’t stop attacking. How hard would it be to build a great wall there? Although the Ministry of Works hired many craftsmen to send to the northwest, and wood and stone could be found on Wolf Breast Mountain Range, the people of Mongo-Yuan wouldn’t sit and watch us build this great wall.”

Fang Jie nodded and said, “I want Great Sui to quickly have the win, but I also want to earn military merit in the northwest after graduating. This sure is conflicting.”

Yu Xiao laughed and said, “There will always be military merit to be earned. It would be great if this war can end in two years. Great Sui will rotate the army guarding the northwest. After suffering this loss, how can Mongo-Yuan surrender the territory of Mandu Flag to Great Sui?”

Fang Jie nodded and said, “After the great wall gets built, Mongo-Yuan will learn how to siege cities that have tall defense walls.”

After chatting a bit more, Yu Xiao said farewell and left, and Fang Jie continued walking with Yan Kuang.

They ran into Xie Fuyao when they were close to the library, and Xie Fuyao’s reaction wasn’t different from that of Yu Xiao; even this calm and collected person opened his mouth out of surprise.

“Did you go out to subdue devils and eliminate demons?” Xie Fuyao asked, “Did you capture this person from Half Moon Mountain? That explains why there are no living things on that mountain.”

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