Chapter 238: See Through (Part One)

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Although Fang Jie was confused by the appearance of the daoists of Wudang Mountain, even Xie Fuyao didn’t know why Liu Huizheng and others were here, so Fang Jie couldn’t get any information.

Now that he knew where these daoists lived, he instantly asked Chen Xiaoru, the scholar who Su Buwei sent him, to monitor Shunde Inn.

Fang Jie didn’t even know why he was so sensitive about this.

Chen Xiaoru wouldn’t refuse any orders, so he changed out of the new clothes that Fang Jie bought him and switched back to his dirty scholarly robe.

Right now, Fang Jie didn’t know what these three people’s specialties were. Since Su Buwei picked them, they must have their own strength.

In the morning, Fang Jie got a message from Eunuch Wu Three. Wu Three said that the Emperor mentioned Royal King Yi when meeting with Huai Qiugong, Yu Manlou, and others.

This was the first time that the Emperor showed displeasure in front of officials, and Fang Jie clearly sensed that the Emperor’s patience was all gone.

Therefore, Fang Jie had to quickly gather more evidence proving Royal King Yi’s hidden connections with other officials. Although he didn’t know why the Emperor’s attitude suddenly changed, he guessed that it had something to do with the reinforcement forces leaving Chang’an on February 12th.

Then, Fang Jie suddenly thought about the daoists of Wudang Mountain; were they here because of this as well?

Just like what Xie Fuyao had said, Liu Huizheng was on the same level as Phoenix-Chirp Daoist, and this was only because the Emperor made Spiritual Master Xiao the leader of Daoism. Technically speaking, Spiritual Master Xiao was a junior to Spiritual Master Zhang.

Why did Three Pure Daoist Temple on Wudang Mountain send Liu Huizheng to Chang’an?

As soon as Fang Jie sat down on a chair, Zhuang Dei quickly got him a bucket of warm water for a foot bath.

Fang Jie smiled at her and touched her back when she bent down to take off his shoes.

Zhuang Dei blushed and dodged a little.

While squatting down and rubbing Fang Jie’s feet, she asked, “Gongzi, are you tired today?”

Fang Jie shook his head and said with a smile, “No. I’m not working in the field. It isn’t tiring in the Martial Arts Academy; it is a little boring.”

Zhuang Dei asked in surprise, “Shouldn’t it be busy in the academy? You must learn many things such as the art of war and battle arrays. Gongzi, maybe your body is great; that is why you aren’t tired.”

“How do you know if my body is great or not?” Fang Jie teased as he touched Zhuang Dei’s chin with his finger. Zhuang Dei dodged away while blushing and asked after a moment of silence, “Gongzi, you must be close with Royal King Yi.”

“Why is that?”

“Gongzi, you went to New Moon Pavilion that day, and Royal King Yi’s people came the next day to buy me out. That night, you… drank too much. For others not to touch me, Royal King Yi’s people came for me and brought me to your place.”

Fang Jie nodded and said, “Royal King Yi has been good to me.”

Zhuang Dei asked after a pause, “I don’t understand how Royal King Yi’s people found out so quickly. Gongzi, you went to New Moon Pavilion in disguise, and you looked completely different.”

Fang Jie was sneering inside, but he showed a gentle smile as he replied, “Royal King Yi is known for visiting pleasure quarters, so the people in New Moon Pavilion must be familiar with him. Perhaps he went to New Moon Pavilion the next day, and they told him what happened that night as a joke. He might have bought you out and gave you to me as a gift.”

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