Chapter 238: See Through (Part Two)

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“Oh…” Zhuang Dei nodded and asked another question, “A big figure like Royal King Yi should be worrying about the nation; why is he always in pleasure quarters and places of entertainment?”

Fang Jie replied, “Royal King Yi is intoxicated by great scenery and great beauties since he is an artistic person. He is like a hermit and doesn’t want to be bothered by worldly affairs.”

Zhuang Dei continued to serve Fang Jie while saying, “When I was back in New Moon Pavilion, I heard that Royal King Yi has great abilities. It is a loss for Great Sui when someone like him isn’t in the government. When I chatted with other girls who are older than me, they all said that Royal King Yi could be a grand chancellor, managing the government for His Majesty.”

Fang Jie nodded and said, “That is probably right, but don’t say such things often. Royal King Yi has his reasons for not being in the government. You can say that here, but don’t say that to other people. Although I haven’t met Royal King Yi that many times, I admire his character. It would be great if he is in the government.”

Zhuang Dei nodded and said, “Gongzi, don’t worry. I don’t know anyone else; who can I say that to?”

Then, she asked another question, “Oh right… Gongzi, I heard that you are close to Wu Yidao, the richest merchant in Great Sui. When I was still in New Moon Pavilion, other girls said that you lived in Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence. Since you are so dashing, those girls even wanted to walk around Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence to catch your attention.”

“Really?” Fang Jie laughed, “If I knew so many girls like me, I should have gone to New Moon Pavilion sooner.”

Seeing Fang Jie switching the topic smoothly, Zhuang Dei’s expression changed a little, and she asked with a smile, “Gongzi, can you tell me more about him? Wu Yidao is a legendary figure!”

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After taking a bath with Zhuang Dei’s help, Fang Jie returned to his room and saw Chen Qingshan reading a book beside a lit candle.

Chen Qingshan became gentler and calmer. She was a little crazy before, and her mood would change drastically.

Seeing Fang Jie walk in, she looked up and asked with a smile, “How was it? Bathing with a beauty serving you?”

Fang Jie pouted and replied, “She is too thin for my taste!”

However, Chen Qingshan rolled her eyes and looked down from Fang Jie’s face, staring at a place that was bulging a little.

Fang Jie smiled awkwardly and said, “This is natural reflex…”

He sat down beside Chen Qingshan and embraced her. Then, he whispered into her ear, “This girl was trying to figure out the relationship between me and Wu Yidao. Ask Yan Kuang, the dark-skinned boy, to follow her and see how she passes out information. Starting tomorrow, let her buy groceries and cook, allowing her to do things freely. Also, since she is trying to figure out the relationship between me and Wu Yidao, it seems like those people couldn’t hold back and are about to do something to him.”

“Why are they holding back right now?” Chen Qingshan asked, “The big figures aren’t doing anything, and it feels like the Emperor isn’t in a rush to confiscate the Worldwide Trading Company.”

Fang Jie replied, “Perhaps the Emperor is busy with the war. Perhaps something big will happen after February 12th.”

“The Ministry of Revenue will take over the Worldwide Trading Company?” Chen Qingshan asked.

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