Chapter 239: Taking Risk for Riches (Part One)

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-Royal King Yi’s residence-

Standing on the top of the tower ship, Royal King Yi lowered the monocular in his hand and faced the Royal Palace.

He had been receiving a ton of bad news recently, so he wasn’t in a good mood.

Because of the Worldwide Trading Company, many officials came to beg him for help.

These officials all supported him, and one of the ways that he used to pull them to his side was telling them to buy shares of the Worldwide Trading Company. These officials all made money from the Worldwide Trading Company.

Now that this business was in trouble, he would lose a ton of support if he watched on the side.

However, everything that Royal King Yi did through the Worldwide Trading Company was clean. He knew that a private business wasn’t reliable, and it would be impossible for this business to hide all his secrets. Also, it would be dumb. It would be terrible if his secrets were exposed because of some minor business dealings.

Royal King Yi truly admired Wu Yidao; this merchant was bold enough to accept money from so many officials. These officials were all double-edged swords.

The Worldwide Trading Company would have more backing, but these big figures would also kill Wu Yidao without hesitation if something went wrong.

Wu Yidao was smart, so he must know what would happen after accepting those big figures’ money. He must have hidden cards, and that was why Royal King Yi hadn’t met with Wu Yidao personally; he wanted to first figure out what hidden cards Wu Yidao had.

However, Royal King Yi didn’t feel great after those officials came to him and begged for his help.

Qin Liuqi stood by Royal King Yi and reported the results of the meeting that he had with those big figures.

After he finished, Royal King Yi nodded and said, “Those fools are finally smart once and decided to hold back. If Wu Yidao risks it and gives the account book to the Emperor, all hell would break loose. Wu Yidao didn’t do it because he wants those fools to think everything through.”

“Wu Yidao doesn’t want to lose control of the Worldwide Trading Company, and those fools don’t want to lose their official positions. This is a delicate balance, and Wu Yidao is in control now.”

Qin Liuqi said with his head lowered, “Your Highness, you are right. Wu Yidao needs to protect his business, so he must force those big figures to stand with him. If half of the officials go against the Emperor’s decision of confiscating the Worldwide Trading Company, then the Emperor couldn’t force his decision through.”

Royal King Yi sneered, “This is where Wu Yidao’s mistake is at. How can the Emperor be swayed by others? Wanting to go against the Emperor this blatantly? Too foolish. I know my fourth brother too well. Although he seems like a gentle ruler, his heart is as cold and tough as stone. No one can stop him from doing the things that he wants to do.”

“Your Highness, you mean to give up on those officials?” Qin Liuqi asked attentively.

“Not right now,” Royal King Yi sighed, “Those fools are still useful. If I don’t save them, it will be harder for me to continue my plan. The war is only the beginning. The future steps will be even harder. Those fools can make the Emperor go crazy if they are used well. Go meet with Wu Yidao again and tell him that he could leave Chang’an peacefully if he surrenders that item; he has my word.”

“I got it.” Qin Liuqi thought for a bit and said, “However, it seems like Wu Yidao’s attitude is firm.”

“No one would want to yield,” Royal King Yi laughed, “I’m even tempted by his business. The Emperor knows that this war wouldn’t be over soon, and the treasury of Great Sui couldn’t support a prolonged war. By confiscating the Worldwide Trading Company, he will have more confidence to fight this war.”

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