Chapter 240: I Know Who It Was (Part One)

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It was close to noon when Fang Jie walked out of Wu Yidao’s residence with the dark-skinned young man named Yan Kuang.

Since the Martial Arts Academy was on break, Fang Jie didn’t need to go back.

It was near February 12th, so he decided to visit Beckon of the Red Sleeve before going home.

The clothing workshop was Fang Jie’s first business in Chang’an. He planned to quit doing business when he got to Chang’an, but he had to focus on it now.

Different from Earth, merchants had low social status in Great Sui.

Officials, farmers, craftsmen, and merchants; this was the social status ranking, and merchants couldn’t become officials.

Fang Jie didn’t want to do business in Chang’an, but he realized that money was way too important when he got here.

All those big figures had businesses under their hidden control.

Although the salaries of officials weren’t low, they couldn’t afford the luxury lifestyle with salaries alone.

After learning that so many officials had shares in the Worldwide Trading Company, Fang Jie decided to pursue this business opportunity. If he wanted to increase his influence, money was required.

Creating this clothing workshop was only the first step; Fang Jie had many ideas, and he needed money to start the operation.

Once this first business worked out, everything else would follow smoothly. He wanted to use as little of the money that Wu Yidao gave him as possible; he might not be able to pay it back in time if Wu Yidao needed it back.

Yan Kuang was like someone from the countryside; everything seemed new to him. He didn’t see himself as a study attendant and looked around at all the shops on the way.

Fang Jie ignored him and walked forward.

When he walked by an alleyway, he saw many people gathering around a place. He got close and saw that it was a husband and a wife arguing in their home. Jars were thrown out of the window from time to time, and the people cheered as they watched this drama.

“If you dare to smash my makeup, I will smash your inkstone and other precious items in the study!”

The argument was loud, and the bystanders jeered, “Smash the table! Smash the bronze mirror!”

Bronze mirrors were precious items; ordinary families couldn’t afford such things.

Fang Jie listened to the argument for a while. Then, he smiled and was about to walk away.

At this moment, a longsword suddenly jabbed out of the crowd and aimed at the back of Fang Jie’s heart.

People’s attention was concentrated on the argument, and no one saw this suddenly strike.

The attacker was agile like a snake and flowed out of the crowd. It seemed like the sword was flying forward, dragging him along.

Fang Jie had just turned around, not paying attention in this direction.

The crowd suddenly turned anxious at this moment.

Yan Kuang somehow got into the crowd to watch the drama, and he rushed out at this moment with his body lowered.

It was hard to tell how his thin body was capable of such explosive strength, but he disrupted the crowd and appeared behind Fang Jie.

The assassin was stunned. His sword might pierce into Fang Jie’s heart, but he would be severely injured by this darks-skinned young man.

At this split-second, the assassin twisted his wrist and turned his body in mid-air.

As soon as he moved, Yan Kuang’s fist landed on the wall behind him, putting a giant hole into the wall.

After missing the strike, Yan Kuang continued to attack without stopping.

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