Chapter 241: Killing as Cultivation (Part One)

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Seeing the surprise on the Emperor’s face, Fang Jie was in a hurry to explain. He turned to Su Buwei and said, “Eunuch Su, please ask Royal Guard Captain Luo to spread the information that Yan Kuang, Chen Xiaoru, and Nie Xiaoju are royal guards who are protecting me.”

Su Buwei froze for a second and looked toward the Emperor.

The Emperor nodded and said, “Just do it; Fang Jie must have his reasons.”

Su Buwei nodded, walked out of the room, and beckoned. A small eunuch quickly walked over, and Su Buwei whispered into his ear before walking back.

Fang Jie said to the Emperor, “Your Majesty asked me to approach Royal King Yi; this is a difficult task. Eunuch Su gave me three people, but I can’t keep them in secret for long. I’m sure some people are investigating their backgrounds already. Instead of hiding them, it is better to reveal their identities and strength. It is more believable for others to find out these three people’s identities through this assassination attempt.”

The Emperor nodded and asked, “There is no other reason?”

“There is,” Fang Jie replied, “Royal King Yi sent a girl to me as a spy, and I’m afraid that these three people might not be able to hide their strength from her. Also, I went to Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence today…”

The Emperor’s expression changed a little, and he asked Fang Jie seriously, “What did Gold-Sharing Duke tell you?”

“He didn’t tell me anything.”

Fang Jie said with his head lowered, “However, even the residents in Chang’an know that I’m close with Gold-Sharing Duke. Some people would start to doubt each other after the assassination attempt on me after I left Gold-Sharing Duke’s place, and that is the only way that weaknesses will be shown.”

The Emperor gestured Fang Jie to continue.

Fang Jie added, “Those people will doubt each other, and even Royal King Yi will send people to investigate who is behind the assassination attempt. I know that Royal King Yi has a trusted butler named Qin Liuqi, so this person should be moving in Chang’an right now.”

The Emperor frowned and said to Su Buwei, “Monitor Qin Liuqi and record where he has been.”

“As you wish!” Su Buwei left the room and went to issue commands.

“Fang Jie…” the Emperor asked, “Where did you find the helpers? Two of your followers left Chang’an a while ago. That was why I asked Su Buwei to send you some people. Who were the assassins?”

Fang Jie replied, “I sent Da Quan and Qi Lin out of Chang’an, but they didn’t go far. They lived outside the city for two days and came back in secret. Only I know about this. One of the assassins was Qi Lin, and the other was a helper I got from the Martial Arts Academy; his name is Xie Fuyao.”

The Emperor nodded. “Xie Fuyao from Yangtze-South Xie Family; I heard of him before.”

Fang Jie said, “Your Majesty, my mission is difficult, and it is impossible to get all the truth when I’m under the spotlight. I need to get my people to investigate in secret to lower the opponents’ guard. Although I’m careful, some people might still suspect that Your Majesty is behind my actions. Therefore, I need to rely on secret helpers.”

He added, “Da Quan is still monitoring some people in secret. Xie Fuyao doesn’t know anything about this; he only helped me because we are friends.”

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