Chapter 242: Struggling in the Darkness (Part One)

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Mo Wanwu looked at this crazy young man calmly.

This young man killed many people in Chang’an, and those people were Mo Wanwu’s students.

Mo Wanwu had said that if he could find the killer, he would turn this person into many pieces.

Right now, the killer stood in front of him, but Mo Wanwu wasn’t in a hurry to do anything.

He walked a few steps forward and asked Fang Henshui, “You were once a member of Great Sui; why did you turn like this? You were once a police chief and enforcer of justice. Now? Don’t you feel anxious with the blood of innocence on your hands? Could it be that you find yourself cool? You are just a clown!”

Fang Henshui’s expression changed a little when he heard the word clown, but he smiled and said, “I’m still a member of Great Sui. As to why I changed… Anyone would change if they were in my situation.”

He added, “Stop trying to get more information from me. I was once a police chief, so I know more about interrogation than you. You only want to know my past, and I told you a little. Now, let’s fight. If you win, I will tell you everything.”

Then, Fang Henshui pointed his index finger at the sky, and a small and delicate three-petaled white lotus appeared on his fingertip and slowly spun.

“It is devilish regardless of its beauty,” Wo Wanwu sneered.

Fang Henshui sighed, “The people of the Buddhist Sect see the people of Great Sui as demons and vice versa. Who are the true demons?”

“You!” Mo Wanwu shouted. His fingers instantly moved, and the forces of nature in the area became chaotic.

In a few seconds, a giant hand appeared in front of Mo Wanwu; it was made with the forces of nature, and it was twice his size.

Mo Wanwu pushed his right hand forward, and the giant hand smashed toward Fang Henshui.

Fang Henshui seemed to have gotten excited. While dashing backward, he flicked his finger, sending the small white lotus toward Mo Wanwu.

Comparatively, it seemed like that white lotus was as weak as a fly in front of that giant hand.

However, when the two collided, all the air within five meters of the collision became twisted, and a huge airwave radiated outward.

Boom! The loud explosion created a huge storm, and it felt like the land in the area was plowed.

All the weeds flew into the air with their roots, and tree branches and leaves flew everywhere.

Dust was blown up, and the air turned yellow.

Mo Wanwu dashed around and stared at the looming figure in the dust. At the same time, he pointed out his fingers, and about seven streaks of finger forces flew toward that figure.

Then, it seemed like that figure shook slightly and disappeared.

Mo Wanwu didn’t dare to lower his guard. He didn’t charge forward and focused on his defense.

When the dust settled, Fang Henshui was nowhere to be seen.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Someone applauded behind him.

“The professors of the Martial Arts Academy sure are special. You are much stronger than your students. I’m pleased; I can only be satisfied by such an opponent. I know that you said you want to turn me into pieces many times. I’m right here; come and do it.”

This voice sounded twisted, and it was hoarse perhaps due to the excitement.

Mo Wanwu didn’t turn around right away. He waved his hands, and seven more streaks of finger forces flew backward like snakes.

Then, his toes kicked the ground, sending his body forward.

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