Chapter 243: He Couldn’t Move (Part One)

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Fang Henshui swallowed the flesh in his mouth, and he looked to be in pain. Pity appeared in his eyes as he looked at Mo Wanwu who was still moving his only arm that could move, and he looked like a different person now as he leaned on the tree.

“You didn’t defeat me, but I still plan on chatting with you…”

Fang Henshui pulled on Mo Wanwu’s broken leg and dragged him over. Then, he flipped Mo Wanwu around.

Not much life could be seen in Mo Wanwu’s eyes, and his expression looked vicious and scary as he was in too much pain now that his back was in direct contact with the ground.

“You might not hear what I say, but that is fine. I don’t have anyone to talk to right now. You aren’t my friend nor an enemy, but you will die soon. I don’t mind telling you everything. It is frustrating to hold everything in.”

After a pause, Fang Henshui said, “Royal King Yi asked me how I became a great master, and I told him that Wisdom gave me all his cultivation strength before death so that I could avenge him. It isn’t a good excuse, but Royal King Yi bought it. Royal King Yi doesn’t know Wisdom; how could that old monk give his strength away?”

“We didn’t escape from Half Moon Mountain. We hid by the foot of the mountain on the northside. Wisdom taught me many ways to hide, and even the mastiff dogs of the Royal Guard couldn’t smell our scents. Wisdom is talented, even though he seemed like a useless and thin old man in the last moment of his life.”

“He taught me how to use plants to treat external injuries, how to use flower pollen to cover body scent, and the feign death technique where I don’t need to drink water and eat food for several days. It is miraculous. Of course, once the technique stops, the thirst and hunger would become more intense.”

Hearing this, life seemed to have returned in Mo Wanwu’s empty eyes, and he looked toward Fang Henshui as his expression turned neutral.

Fang Henshui pointed at a dry grass and said, “The juice from this kind of grass is stinky and could overpower body scent. I don’t know where Wisdom got all this knowledge from. In the last few days of his life, the two of us hid in a cave below a tree. We hid there for four days, waiting for the royal guards to leave.”

“After I stopped the feign death technique, the pain in my stomach almost made me faint. My stomach was twitching; you probably couldn’t imagine that pain. Even Wisdom didn’t expect those royal guards to linger around for so long. I didn’t even have the strength to crawl out of the cave to search for food, and he was in a worse situation. He was severely injured; he lied to me and said that he was only lightly injured. I could tell that he lied; he would have escaped otherwise.”

“After those royal guards left, Wisdom asked me to find food. You know, there aren’t many things to eat on Half Moon Mountain, unless you count the weeds. I didn’t have any strength, and my stomach was in pain. When Wisdom urged me, I told him that I needed time to recover since I couldn’t move.”

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