Chapter 244: Taking Risk (Part One)

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Animal-like ferociousness appeared in Fang Henshui’s eyes, and he looked down at Mo Wanwu and said, “I’m not dumb; I saw through Wisdom’s mind in the last moment.”

Mo Wanwu couldn’t respond; he already died.

Perhaps Fang Henshui knew about it, or perhaps he didn’t care. He only needed someone to talk to, and a dead person was better since dead men tell no tales.

When Fang Henshui noticed that all life was gone in Mo Wanwu’s eyes, he looked down at his ragged clothes and frowned before disappearing.

Half Moon Mountain was dozens of kilometers away from Chang’an, and big trees were everywhere. No one usually appeared here.

If Fang Henshui didn’t follow Mo Wanwu to Half Moon Mountain, he wouldn’t have shown himself.

Qin Liuqi showed his strength the other day, so Fang Henshui learned that he was far from being able to do whatever he wanted in Chang’an. He should be more cautious.

Even the most powerful cultivator in this world couldn’t sense a battle that took place far away. Although cultivators were sensitive to the changes in the forces of nature, no human could have such far-reaching senses.

That was why no cultivator in Chang’an sensed Mo Wanwu’s death on Half Moon Mountain.

The Martial Arts Academy was in the southeastern corner of Chang’an. It was at least 40 kilometers away from Half Moon Mountain. Principal Zhou couldn’t sense anything at this distance.

It was the second day when Mo Wanwu was found.

A group of lumberjacks went up Half Moon Mountain to get firewood, and they discovered a broken corpse and two legs about seven meters away. After the corpse was moved back to the Magistrate Office of Chang’an, the experienced forensic workers identified the identity of the corpse through the pieces of academy uniforms on his body.

Qiu Yu and Yan Ji took Mo Wanwu’s corpse back to the Martial Arts Academy.

Fang Jie came along with them.

Not only Fang Jie, but every single one of Mo Wanwu’s students came.

Close to 30 students walked into the Magistrate Office of Chang’an under the lead of two professors, and all the pedestrians looked at them.

When Fang Jie learned about Mo Wanwu’s death, he was discussing his out-the-box idea of cultivation with Qiu Yu in the back mountain of the Martial Arts Academy.

During the discussion, Fang Jie told Qiu Yu about the possibility of using the forces of nature outside his body instead of absorbing them.

Cultivators always absorbed the forces of nature and kept them in their seas of qi as the internal force called qi. In battle, the internal force would flow through the meridians and enter different qi-points.

Different people had different cultivation methods and styles. Taking Xie Fuyao as an example, his internal force was more suitable for practicing sword techniques. Even when he used the technique called Four Symbol Finger, his finger forces carried sword spirits.

Fang Jie’s idea was controlling and using the forces of nature outside his body.

The normal cultivation process was storing the forces of nature in the sea of qi and turning them into internal force. During a battle, all types of techniques could be used, but they would be all empowered by the internal force. If internal force was overused, cultivators must rest and recover.

Fang Jie’s idea was about remote control, using the forces of nature directly without turning them into internal force.

This idea was novel and strange.

However, Qiu Yu didn’t shoot down his idea.

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