Chapter 244: Taking Risk (Part Two)

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The world was big, and nothing was set in stone, especially for Fang Jie who had created many miracles already.

While the two talked, Yan Ji quickly walked over to them.

Although Mo Wanwu wasn’t well-respected by his students after that incident on Half Moon Mountain, all these students came after they learned that their professor had died.

Fang Jie and others saw Mo Wanwu’s corpse in the mortuary.

At this moment, no one could control their emotions. Ma Lilian, the only female student in the class, screamed and collapsed, and tears rolled down her face.

Someone even puked, and no one thought that it was disrespectful. It was even rare to see such a broken corpse on the battlefield.

It didn’t even look like a human corpse anymore.

“Let’s bring the Professor home,” Fang Jie said in a low voice. Then, he walked over, took off his big jacket, and wrapped it around the corpse before carrying it in his arms and walking out.

At the door, Fang Jie stopped and asked a worker, “Where did you guys find Professor Mo’s corpse?”

Fang Jie nodded and thanked this worker after getting the answer, and he looked calm from the beginning to the end.

After leaving the Magistrate Office of Chang’an, a student went to hire a horse-drawn carriage.

When Fang Jie carried Mo Wanwu’s corpse into the carriage, he suddenly realized that one of Mo Wanwu’s hands looked strange. He observed carefully and thought of something.

Fang Jie’s red horse that hadn’t dashed freely neighed in excitement, and the white vapor was being jetted out of its nose as it breathed heavily.

Fang Jie dashed toward the north on his red horse, and there was a special rhythm to the clip-clop noises created by its hooves.

Qiu Yu and Yan Ji followed Fang Jie on their horses.

If Fang Jie didn’t slow down his red horse, Qiu Yu and Yan Ji would be far behind him.

The chilly horses of Northern Liao were even better than the warhorses of Mongo-Yuan, and Fang Jie’s red horse was a top-tier chilly horse.

However, the people of Great Sui didn’t know much about Northern Liao. The people of Northern Liao lived at 100,000 Mountains, and rarely did other people learn about the way of life of the people of Northern Liao.

This was why the Emperor hesitated about accepting Northern Liao’s loyalty.

Perhaps Great Sui could obtain a powerful cavalry force, but the people of Northern Liao would move into Great Sui.

After a few generations, these people would assimilate and become people of Great Sui. Without these chilly horses, Northern Liao wouldn’t be that meaningful to Great Sui.

The people of Northern Liao wanted to move away from 100,000 Mountains, but the Emperor wanted them to stay there.

Fang Jie, Qiu Yu, and Yan Ji traveled north, and it was noon when they left the city.

The lumberjack who discovered Mo Wanwu’s corpse was asked to wait by the city gate, and Fang Jie put him on the back of the red horse after learning his identity.

When carrying two people, the red horse didn’t seem tired at all.

Fang Jie and others quickly found the spot with the help of this lumberjack.

Fang Jie asked the lumberjack to look after the three horses, and he and the two professors went to inspect the area.

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