Chapter 245: February 11th (Part One)

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-Royal King Yi’s residence-

Yang Yin looked at Qin Liuqi and asked after a moment of hesitation, “Is the information that Zhuang Dei passed over accurate?”

Qin Liuqi whispered, “She found it in Fang Jie’s room. Fang Jie was attacked after he left Wu Yidao’s residence, then he rushed back. Soon after, Wu Yidao sent his subordinate named Jiu Secai to Fang Jie’s place for about 30 minutes. Then, Fang Jie was summoned to the Royal Palace.”

“Zhuang Dei didn’t do anything when Fang Jie went to the Royal Palace; she was afraid that Fang Jie might have people monitoring her. When Fang Jie returned, he was invited here by Your Highness, and that was when Zhuang Dei searched the shop. She didn’t find anything at the beginning other than a wooden box that contained stacks of silver certificates; the amount of money is shocking. The only explanation is that Wu Yidao gave the money to Fang Jie.”

“Zhang Dei looked around again and found some ashes by the window. She jumped out and found the corner of a piece of paper.”

Qin Liuqi added, “Only a few words could be seen, which are [February 11th and southern city district.] Everything else was burned.”

Yang Yin asked after a moment of silence, “What do you think?”

Qin Liuqi pondered and replied, “It seems like Wu Yidao wants to leave the city. Jiu Secai must have brought Fang Jie that piece of paper, and Fang Jie burned it after reading it. Fang Jie and Wu Yidao are more connected than it seems, so Fang Jie should know many of Wu Yidao’s secrets.”

Yang Yin shook his head and said, “Have you thought about why this secret had to be delivered through a piece of paper? Since Jiu Secai was already in Fang Jie’s shop, why didn’t he just tell him?”

Qin Liuqi froze for a second and guessed, “You mean Fang Jie did it on purpose?”

“Not exactly.” Yang Yin shook his head and said, “Perhaps Wu Yidao was afraid that others would eavesdrop. From the information that you gathered, Fang Jie’s three new servants are royal guards who have high cultivation strength. Fang Jie must be concerned about them, and so is Wu Yidao. Since the Emperor wants to deal with Wu Yidao, Fang Jie must want to avoid those royal guards in his shop when talking with Jiu Secai. It makes sense that the message was delivered through a piece of paper, and Fang Jie burned it to erase all traces.”

Qin Liuqi said, “Two of Fang Jie’s people left Chang’an a while ago; could it be that they went to scout a place for Wu Yidao? Wu Yidao’s people are all closely monitored in Chang’an, and we would know when they make a move. I was a little careless and didn’t send people to monitor Fang Jie’s people closely.”

Yang Yin replied, “I won’t get involved in this. Get some people prepared and wait in the southern city district. If Wu Yidao escapes, he would bring that account book with him. Those people will be useless after the 12th, so we should use them right now.”

“Why February 11th?” Qin Liuqi asked.

Yang Yin said after thinking for a bit, “The reinforcement forces would be leaving Chang’an the day after tomorrow, so the city gates would up their inspection level. Tomorrow, everyone would be trying to make sure that the preparation is good, so it will be easier for Wu Yidao to leave the city in disguise.”

“Monitor Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence tightly starting today!” Yang Yin waved his hand and said, “Since Fang Jie is close to Wu Yidao, he would be doing things tomorrow. Just monitor him, but don’t let our people get involved. The most important date is the day after tomorrow. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I can’t let my years of planning go to waste.”

Qin Liuqi nodded and said, “I understand.”

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