Chapter 246: The News from the Northwest (Part Two)

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Zhang Kuang sighed, “I came here due to greed, but the government has been unfair toward you. You earned so many counts of military merit, but the government didn’t reward you. Although the Emperor allowed you to enter the Martial Arts Academy, what actual benefits did you get? You could have gone to Tai Chi Palace on Lunar New Year’s Eve, and you should be rewarded enough so that you don’t need to worry about having enough money for food. But now, we both are worrying about money. How come those members of big families could spend their dirty silver taels, but we can’t even sleep because we might not have enough money to eat?”

It was Mo Xidao who stood behind Zhang Kuang.

Mo Xidao said, “We entered the Snake Guard because we are angry at the government. Let’s go; we have our mission to complete. If we must fight Fang Jie and other brothers in the Martial Arts Academy, I will do it; you can just stand behind me.”

Zhang Kuang froze for a second and didn’t know what to say.

“Is Royal King Yi’s mission to go back to the government?” he asked.

Mo Xidao laughed, “Do you really think that way? If he only wants that, the Snake Guard wouldn’t be created. Since we are in here, we should know that this is war.”

“Can we really get what we want?” Zhang Kuang asked.

Mo Xidao replied, “I only know that if we don’t fight, we will never get what we want. The Emperor allows outstanding soldiers to enter the Martial Arts Academy; this is only a pretty lie. Look at all the students; only those from big families could rise to the top. We will always be looked down upon by others in the three years that we are here. Then, we will return to the military and die on the battlefield; our names wouldn’t even appear in history books.”

“Perhaps you are right.” Zhang Kuang nodded and said, “Brother Mo, can we let Fang Jie live if Royal King Yi wins in the end?”

Mo Xidao asked after a moment of silence, “Will Fang Jie let us live if Royal King Yi fails?”

Zhang Kuang didn’t know what the answer would be.

Before entering the Martial Arts Academy, he thought that Fang Jie was just like him. However, when Fang Jie climbed higher and higher, distance grew between them.

When seeing Fang Jie, he didn’t only see how successful Fang Jie was but also how miserable his own life was.

When he went to borrow money from Fang Jie, he felt intense pain as his ego was stabbed by knives. The more open Fang Jie was, the more narrow-minded Zhang Kuang felt.

Sometimes, friends would become enemies not because one party did something wrong; it was because one party did something too well.

The horse-drawn carriage didn’t stop by the gate.

The main gate of Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence that hadn’t opened in a long time suddenly opened, and the horse-drawn carriage directly entered the yard. Then, a few servants closed the main gate and the side gate that guests used.

Right now, the subordinates of many officials were monitoring this place aside from those snake guards. After seeing this, some people instantly went back to report this information.

At this moment, the big officials were all waiting outside Tai Chi Palace, getting ready for the daily meeting.

The reinforcements forces would be leaving tomorrow, so the meeting today was crucial.

The strange thing was that these officials didn’t gather in groups of twos and threes to talk. These officials all stayed in their own horse-drawn carriages, and their servants would frequently rush over and get into the horse-drawn carriages before rushing away.

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