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Conquer the World Chapter 246.3

Chapter 246: The News from the Northwest (Part Three)

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When the right time came, the general guarding Tai Chi Palace ordered the soldiers to open the palace gate, and two teams of royal guards came out for the day shift so those on the night shift could rest.

Fully armored royal soldiers stood on the two sides of the path from the palace gate to Tai Chi Palace.

A eunuch made the usual announcement at the gate, and the officials separated themselves into two rows, one civil and one military, before walking in.

For some reason, many officials looked concerned, and they looked at each other before quickly looking away.

-East Warmth Chamber-

The Emperor frowned as he looked at this person who was wearing a rank 5 major’s uniform and was still unconscious.

The royal doctors worked on this person all night, but he still didn’t wake up.

The manager of an official inn rushed this person to Chang’an last night, and it was heard that this person’s horse died of fatigue before it reached the inn.

This man only said that he had an urgent military report to deliver to Chang’an before fainting.

The manager of that official inn was clever and didn’t bring this person to the Ministry of War but Tai Chi Palace.

The royal guards didn’t dare to delay time and immediately reported to the Emperor before moving this person into East Warmth Chamber.

This person was unconscious the whole night, and the Emperor was up all night as well.

He seemed to feel that something bad had happened, so his sleepiness was all gone. Also, he wanted to get information from this major as soon as the latter woke up.

Su Buwei searched this major’s body but didn’t find any documents.

When it was about time for the morning meeting, Su Buwei notified the Emperor, and the Emperor nodded before changing into his royal dragon robe with the help of royal maids.

At this moment, this major’s Adam’s apple moved slightly before he instantly sat up and reached for his saber on his belt.

His saber was already removed, so he didn’t grab anything. Then, he saw the Emperor in the royal dragon robe.

He froze for a second before looking at the Emperor again. Then, he knelt and said, “Greetings, Your Majesty! I’m Major Zhuge Yan of Left Command Guard!”

“Left Command Guard? Pei Huan’s subordinate?”

“Yes!” this major replied.

“What happened?”

“Your Majesty…” Zhuge Yan looked up before lowering his head again; it felt like he didn’t dare to look the Emperor in the eyes. “Your Majesty… The war in the northwest… We lost! My great general died in battle, and our strategist told me to rush back to Chang’an to report the truth! When I rushed back, our strategist tried to block the enemies who tore through our defense line! I looked back and saw the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan engulfing them. Great General Yu Dongzheng of Right Command Guard also died in battle. Great General Jin Shixiong of Left Valiant Guard is missing, and the King of Xu State retreated to the Green Valley with the remaining soldiers…”

Pa! The royal maid who was about to put the crown on the Emperor’s head got scared, and the prestigious crown dropped on the ground.

“Pull her out and execute her!” The Emperor ordered coldly as he looked at this royal maid.

He sounded calm, but no one saw that his hands clenched into fists, and veins were bulging to the extreme.

[TL Note: This is where the plot gets dicey.]

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