Chapter 247: Collapsed Dream, White Hair (Part One)

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The Emperor looked at the other royal maids and said, “You can all leave. Just treat it as you didn’t hear anything.”

“Ok.” Those royal maids knelt on the ground shaking, and their faces were pale.

Although it seemed like that royal maid was executed because she dropped the crown, the truth was that she heard something that she shouldn’t have.

Zhuge Yan said many things, and those things couldn’t get out. The Emperor killed one royal maid to deter others.

These royal maids all quickly got out of the room, not even daring to breathe heavily.

The Emperor stared at Zhuge Yan and said slowly, “Tell me everything in detail, from the beginning to the end!”

Zhuge Yan straightened his body and said in a shaky voice, “That night, the cavalrymen of Mongo Yuan suddenly appeared behind the defense line put up by Right Command Guard. We didn’t place any soldiers defending our back since it seemed unnecessary. Great General Yu Zhengdong of Right Command Guard quickly gathered soldiers to fight back, but at least 20,000 cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan attacked. It was already too late. Since the defense line was more than 50 kilometers long, we only heard Right Command Guard’s collapse the second day.”

“Hearing that Right Command Guard was defeated, Great General Pei instantly sent 30,000 soldiers to reinforce them. Before the reinforcements got there, they ran into defeated soldiers who were stationed in the central encampment. About 300,000 soldiers were defeated in one night as well. They said that the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan suddenly appeared behind them and raided, getting into the encampment without resistance. There were at least 200,000 enemies! The King of Xu State and Great General Jin Shixiong tried to fight back, but it was dark at night, and the morale was low. The soldiers were defeated quickly, and the enemies tore through the encampment.”

“Later, the King of Xu State and Great General Jin Shixiong got separated, and the King of Xu State moved around, trying to gather the defeated soldiers. However, the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan were way faster than our infantrymen.”

“After learning about that, those 30,000 soldiers that Great General Pei sent out didn’t move forward; they returned and asked Great General Pei for new commands. Great General Pei ordered everyone to retreat into our encampment, and we reorganized before moving toward the King of Xu State. As soon as we moved, those 60,000 cavalrymen of Kexin Flag attacked. Left Command Guard was comprised mostly of infantrymen, so we could only set up battle arrays and defend. After fighting one day, more than 200,000 cavalrymen from the Royal Court of Mongo-Yuan arrived.”

“At night, the defense line on the west was broken, and Great General Pei went over with his guards. In the early morning, I heard… I heard that Great General Pei was killed by arrows. Strategist Shi Le knew that we lost, but he wasn’t willing to try to escape. He asked me to bring the news to Chang’an, and he went with a group of soldiers to check if Great General Pei had really died. I tried to ask him to leave with me, but he said that Great General Pei saved his life before, so he must die beside him. When I got out with about 20 cavalrymen, Strategist Shi Le and others all died.”

“I didn’t dare to waste time and rushed toward the east. I thought that I would be able to run into defeated soldiers of Great Sui, but all I saw were decapitated corpses and pagodas made from the heads of our soldiers every few kilometers. We tried to move in stealth but were still discovered by the enemies. After battling them, only I escaped. On the way back, I heard that the King of Xu State moved back to the Green Valley with the defeated soldiers, but I didn’t see any of our soldiers at the Green Valley.”

[TL Note: A pagoda is a tiered tower with multiple eaves common to Asia.]

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