Chapter 247: Collapsed Dream, White Hair (Part Two)

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“Later, I realized that most of our soldiers were infantrymen, and Mandu Flag was close to 1,000 kilometers in width. How could our soldiers outrun those cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan? Our 700,000 soldiers… All I saw on the way were decapitated corpses and pagodas made from heads.”

“After waiting in the Green Valley for a day, I didn’t see any of our people but the wolf cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan. I could only come back on my own. When passing Fangu, I wanted to warn them about the enemies, but I felt that something was strange and didn’t approach. I observed in secret and saw cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan around Fangu. How could the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan pass through the Green Valley so fast? I didn’t dare to linger around and rushed back to Chang’an.”

After hearing this, the Emperor frowned intensely and turned pale; he couldn’t accept this news.

“My 700,000 elite soldiers…” he murmured, “My 700,000 elite soldiers… Are gone like this?”

“Where is Li Yuanshan?” the Emperor suddenly asked, “You said all those, but you never mentioned Great General Li Yuanshan and Right Valiant Guard! Is Right Valiant Guard still around?”

Zhuge Yan’s body shivered, and he kowtowed with force while saying, “Your Majesty, this is why Strategist Shi Le asked me to rush back to Chang’an. Even though I was riding on a horse, how could I be faster than letter pigeons? Before I came, Your Majesty still didn’t know about what happened. Someone has cut off the communication. To the east of Wolf Breast Mountain Range, no one knows about the defeat! I didn’t even dare to rest in the official inns in the northwest! All the residents there are still talking about when our military could reach the Royal Court of Mongo-Yuan!”

“You… Speak clearly!”

Zhuge Yan looked up with tears in his eyes and said, “Strategist Shi Le suspected that Li Yuanshan is working with Mongo-Yuan! That was how the enemies got behind us! When Left Command Guard moved to the frontline, Strategist Shi Le warned Great General Pei Yan to be aware of Right Valiant Guard. Since we were the farthest from Right Valiant Guard, Great General Pei didn’t worry that much. Strategist Shi Le was close to me, and he told me that he noticed some strange activities of Right Valiant Guard. I didn’t pay attention back then and thought he was drunk…”

“Li Yuanshan… Why!” the Emperor roared in anger and sadness. He suddenly realized why the residents in the northwest didn’t know about this defeat and why Zhuge Yan didn’t dare to go to those official inns in the northwest.

The Emperor’s vision turned black, and he collapsed onto the ground.

There was a mountain range about 30 kilometers away from Capital Region Circuit, and people would be inside Capital Region Circuit once they got across this mountain range.

The many trees on the mountain made it look a little pressing, and a group of royal guards in ragged flying-fish robes walked forward, looking extremely tired.

The royal guard in the back of the group collapsed and couldn’t get up anymore.

“Chiliarch, he couldn’t move anymore. He was severely injured last night,” a royal guard said to the person in the front.

The person in the front was a petite female, and her flying-fish robe was stained with blood. Gauge wrapped around her injured shoulders, and her face hadn’t been washed in a long time.

This woman was Mu Xiaoyao.

Mu Xiaoyao walked over and checked on that collapsed royal guard. She frowned and sighed, “He can’t make it; let’s send him away in peace.”

A centurion walked over with pain on his face, squatted down, and said, “Brother, I’m sorry.”

Then, he stabbed his saber into this royal guard’s heart.

This royal guard tried to grab something, but his hands fell when the saber entered his body.

“Thanks…” he murmured before death as tears appeared in his eyes.

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