Chapter 247: Collapsed Dream, White Hair (Part Three)

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“If we bring him along, we couldn’t move fast and would be killed. If we leave him here, he will fall into the hands of those people and suffer way more.” As if that centurion wanted to comfort others, he said with his hoarse voice, “We are almost at Capital Region Circuit. Once we get to Capital Region Circuit, those people wouldn’t dare to chase after us. We can get back to Chang’an quickly by getting horses at the official inns. His Majesty still doesn’t know about the huge defeat in the northwest. If we don’t bring the message back, the three circuits in the northwest would be all gone.”

Another royal guard cursed, “Li Yuanshan, Yuan Chongwu, Wu Peizhi, Yang Shanchen! F*ck you all! Great Sui is going to get ruined by them! What did Mongo-Yuan promise them? Three governors-general and one great general rebelled! No such thing ever happened in Great Sui!

“One of them wants to become the new ruler,” that centurion sighed, “When we pulled out of the northwest, those 700,000 soldiers and millions of workers… Most of them got killed. Yuan Chongwu and other governors-general’s state soldiers took control of Fangu, and all the roads were blocked. All the supplies for the military were cut off. Our chiliarch said that the northwest is going to become chaotic, then we accidentally discovered Li Yuanshan’s big secret. We thought we would be safe after getting close to Capital Region Circuit, but most of our brothers died on the way.”

Mo Xiaoyao took a deep breath and looked at the dead royal guard before saying, “Let’s quickly get across this mountain. Those people are chasing too fast; we still couldn’t ditch them after not going to the official inns and local governments. The people under Yuan Chongwu and others have warhorses, and some of them are staged outside various cities and official inns on the path. It isn’t easy for us to get here. We can’t waste more time.”

“Got it!” The six royal guards who survived until now looked at Mu Xiaoyao with admiration. If she didn’t sense those traps and ambushes along the way, they would have died already.

Mu Xiaoyao thought about what happened while moving forward.

Li Yuanshan, Yuan Chongwu, and others rebelled by relying on that big secret, and they colluded with Mongo-Yuan and destroyed those 700,000 soldiers. Now, the military of Great Sui lacked soldiers and didn’t have the manpower to attack them after they took away the three circuits in the northwest that had hundreds of thousands of square kilometers!

The war in the northwest was a huge trap that Li Yuanshan and others created for the Emperor!

Advancing and occupying the Mandu Flag of Mongo-Yuan was a part of Li Yuanshan’s plan. His goal was to kill these 700,000 soldiers of Great Sui so that there would be no resistance when he rebelled!

Using Mongo-Yuan to wipe out those soldiers; Li Yuanshan’s scheme was deep.

Several governors-general were on Li Yuanshan’s ship, but they couldn’t deal with the battle soldiers in the northwest. After this war, no battle soldiers existed in the northwest except for Li Yuanshan’s Right Valiant Guard! If the Emperor wasn’t greedy for more territory, Li Yuanshan’s plan wouldn’t have worked!

“Emperor… You dreamed of expanding the territory, but you fell right into the trap,” Mu Xiaoyao sighed in her mind. She thought that Great Sui was powerful and stable, but she realized how naïve she was. Once the opportunity appeared, almost all men would become vicious like beasts to become the ruler.

Li Yuanshan colluded with Mongo-Yuan, and almost no soldiers who crossed Wolf Breast Mountain Range came back alive.

The beautiful dream that was in the Emperor’s head got shattered.

“Your Majesty…” Su Buwei walked over to help the Emperor stand, and his heart lurched when he saw the Emperor’s pale face. He could feel the Emperor’s pain.

“Put the crown on me.” The Emperor pointed at the crown on the ground and said, “The morning meeting is about to start.”

At this moment, Su Buwei felt like the Emperor aged for more than 20 years.

It wasn’t an illusion.

The hair beside the Emperor’s ears suddenly turned white.

[TL Note: This is one of the big twists in the book.]

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