Chapter 248: Chaos (Part One)

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Su Buwei said to Zhuge Yan, “Don’t go anywhere and wait for His Majesty to come back.”

Then, he turned back to the Emperor, and his heart lurched.

The Emperor seemed to be 20 years older. The hair beside his ears turned white, and his steps seemed unstable while his shoulders shivered.

“Your Majesty!” Su Buwei called.

The Emperor looked back and asked with emptiness in his eyes, “What is it?”

Su Buwei could tell that the Emperor responded subconsciously; his mind was focused on the battlefield in the northwest and those 700,000 soldiers who had died.

Those soldiers were enough to conquer all the nations to the north, east, and south of Great Sui. However, they were all gone now. Those were 700,000 people! If they held each other’s hands, they could go from Chang’an to the outside of Capital Region Circuit.

Feeling the Emperor’s anger and sadness, Su Buwei realized that he was shaking as well.

He grabbed the bronze mirror and walked to the Emperor, and the Emperor was stunned when he saw himself in the mirror. He slowly pulled up and hid the white hair in his crown, and his hands that were once stable shook violently. However, he was slow and earnest with his actions.

Su Buwei felt like his heart was about to break. He had never seen the Emperor look this old.

Su Buwei was lucky; he followed Wu Peisheng and worked in the Royal Study soon after entering the Royal Palace, and he was fortunate enough to serve two emperors.

After Wu Peisheng died, he was the closest to the Emperor. The Emperor’s father valued Wu Peisheng’s abilities, and the Emperor valued Su Buwei’s loyalty.

Although Wu Peisheng served the Emperor, he was never this close to the Emperor.

Because of the trust that the Emperor placed in Su Buwei, the latter was able to sense the Emperor’s sadness.

Su Buwei put the bronze mirror back to its place and wanted to help the Emperor walk, but his hands froze in mid-air; he didn’t dare to touch the Emperor.

The Emperor shook his head at Su Buwei as he sensed the latter’s intention.

“I’m ok. Tell Principal Zhou that his time is here. After the meeting, Tell Deputy Zong Lianghu of the Ministry of War, Great General Yang Shunhui of Left Reverent Guard, and Great General Xu Xiaogong of Right Reverent Guard to come to East Warmth Chamber.”

“As you wish.” Su Buwei replied and found that his voice was shaking as well.

“Your Majesty, should we delay the ceremony tomorrow?” he asked after a while of hesitation.

The Emperor shook his head and said, “What happened in the northwest can’t be reversed, so we need to handle everything in Chang’an. Now, I realized that I overestimated myself and underestimated others. I thought that I could see everything, and no one could fool me. Great Sui is too big for me to see everything, and there are too many people in Great Sui for me to see through.”

“What happened in the northwest can’t be leaked; we have to conceal it after tomorrow. The rebels in the northwest already smacked me in the head and let me know that I don’t have everything tightly in control. I can’t allow Chang’an to go out of my control.”

After a pause, he added, “Tell Luo Weiran to come and see me. No information was relayed back to Chang’an. Hou Wenji betrayed me. I gave those rebels a great helper by sending him to the northwest. From now on, you can take over the Intelligence Department and asked Luo Weiran to wipe out Hou Wenji’s henchmen in the city. Don’t do it now; do it right before the ceremony tomorrow.”

“As you wish,” Su Buwei said with his head lowered, “But I’m afraid that I can’t manage the Intelligence Department on my own.”

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