Chapter 248: Chaos (Part Two)

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“Try to manage it; I will find a suitable person later,” the Emperor said with a bitter smile, “I remember talking to you about this. I said that Hou Wenji should be more loyal than Luo Weiran since Hou Wenji is from a big family while Luo Weiran is from the martial arts circle. Although I started to doubt him a while back, I didn’t think being greedy was too big of a problem…”

“Now thinking back, I have been foolish. The Intelligence Department has many rebel spies, and it is no longer as pure as when it was established many years back. I never doubted the loyalty of the Intelligence Department, but I was stabbed by these people.”

The Emperor ordered after a moment of silence, “Do everything according to plan tomorrow. No, make the ceremony grander and more celebratory. Go inform Fang Jie. Doesn’t he want Beckon of the Red Sleeve to perform? Make the performance even more stunning! Let the civilians see that it is still peaceful and prosperous in Chang’an.”

“I will inform him right now.”

“Ask Fang Jie to drop the mission. I sent him to my sixth brother so that he could distract him. My sixth brother is skeptical, so my people would have an easier time investigating when Fang Jie is pulling away so much attention. I never expected Fang Jie to finish the mission; he is too young and inexperienced…”

“Fang Jie…” Su Buwei froze for a second and suddenly knelt on the ground. “I have something that I hid from Your Majesty.”

The Emperor froze for a second and asked, “Even you are hiding things from me?”

“Your Majesty… I’m guilty. This morning, Chen Xiaoru sent back a letter pigeon and said that Fang Jie is planning to do something big. To make those people show their traces, Fang Jie is planning to impose as Wu Yidao and escape from Chang’an to force those people to make moves. Chen Xiaoru said that Fang Jie is risking his life to make Royal King Yi’s hidden goal clearer.”

“Huh?” The Emperor frowned and sighed, “The person that I doubted is a loyal figure. Let someone watch over this. If Fang Jie doesn’t die today, I will get him to do something important tomorrow. It is about time. If I decided to take out these tumors before the war in the northwest, perhaps this huge defeat wouldn’t occur. I thought my sixth brother wants to go to the northwest, but now it is clear that he and Li Yuanshan aren’t on the same boat.”

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-On the tower ship in Royal King Yi’s residence-

Bam! Royal King Yi who was drawing a landscape painting dropped the paintbrush, and the ink landed on the rice paper and created a dark flower.

Surprise and disbelief were written all over his face as he glanced at Qin Liuqi who looked gloomy.

“Say… Say that again!”

Qin Liuqi lowered his head and said in a sad tone, “Hou Wenji sent back a message from the northwest using a letter pigeon. All 700,000 soldiers are gone! Li Yuanshan sent his cavalrymen disguised as the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan and crushed Great General Yu Zhengdong’s Right Command Guard. Then, he joined hands with Mongo-Yuan and wiped out Right Command Guard. Next, he pulled back to the center and pretended to be defeated before suddenly raiding the King of Xu State’s military encampment. With the help of more than 300,000 cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan, the soldiers of Great Sui were crushed. The King of Xu State, Mou Liangbi, and Great General Jin Shixiong of Left Valiant Guard are missing!”

“After that, Mongo-Yuan attacked Left Command Guard in three directions. After days of battle, Left Command Guard was wiped out, and Great General Pei Huan died. Li Yuanshan and the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan already passed through the Green Valley, and the three governors-general in the northwest sent state soldiers to block off all roads and information channels. The residents don’t know about the defeat. In the secret letter, Hou Wenji said that Yuan Chongwu and others are planning to rebel and use the slogan of clearing out the corrupt officials around the Emperor who are influencing important decisions. They plan to control the three circuits in the northwest before leading soldiers to Chang’an.”

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