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Conquer the World Chapter 249.1

Chapter 249: Mo Xidao (Part One)

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After Fang Jie’s horse-drawn carriage entered Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence, the gates of the residence only opened an hour later.

The people monitoring this residence were stunned after seeing what happened.

Eight identical horse-drawn carriages rushed out, and the drivers all looked similar with big cone-shaped hats. Four of them turned right while the other four turned left, and they each took a different path.

“What should we do?” Zhang Kuang who was eating at a breakfast joint close by was stunned and asked Mo Xidao subconsciously.

Mo Xidao didn’t anticipate this as well. After thinking for a bit, he said to the people beside him, “Tell the subordinates of those big officials to track down the four horse-drawn carriages to the left. We will monitor the four to the right. Kill everyone on these horse-drawn carriages after they leave Chang’an! Wu Yidao wants to separate our people, but his people are now separated as well. He doesn’t have many subordinates to begin with, and now they are split into eight groups! What an idiotic strategy! If all his people are around him, he might have a fighting chance!”

“Got it!” a snake guard nodded beside him and went to find the subordinates of those big officials.

“Let’s go.” Mo Xidao stood up and put down a handful of cash coins to pay for the breakfast. He carefully counted the cash coins and grabbed one back.

Zhang Kuang felt sad when he saw this, then hatred appeared in his mind when he thought about himself.

“Hopefully we won’t run into Fang Jie,” he whispered before walked toward the right of the street.

Mo Xidao shook his head and looked at his bag; his saber that killed many enemies in the east was in there. He put the bag on his back and looked back at Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence.

He suddenly thought of something and sat back down.

“Tell Deputy Zhang to chase after them. I have something else going on. You guys can all go with Deputy Zhang.”

The snake guards around him nodded and left, leaving Mo Xidao alone.

Mo Xidao played with the cash coin that he grabbed earlier and waited for half an hour.

Suddenly, the gates of Gold-Sharing Duke’s residence opened again, and two identical horse-drawn carriages dashed out. The drivers looked at each other and moved in opposite directions.

Mo Xidao sneered and observed. The horse-drawn carriage to the left seemed lighter, so he chased after this one and kept a safe distance.

The other horse-drawn carriage went to the right, and it seemed like it planned to leave Chang’an through an eastern city gate.

Mo Xidao knew that Fang Jie wouldn’t send away his trusted people, so Chen Qingshan and others must be with him, making the horse-drawn carriage heavy.

The other horse-drawn carriage was lighter, so Mo Xidao suspected that Wu Yidao was in this horse-drawn carriage.

Perhaps all those eight horse-drawn carriages prior were distractions.

Zhang Kuang who was chasing after four horse-drawn carriages said to his subordinates, “Don’t kill innocents and cause unnecessary trouble. If we alert the royal guards before killing Wu Yidao, it would be troublesome. Divide into four groups and stop these horse-drawn carriages once they are out of the city. Let them leave if Wu Yidao is nowhere to be found.”

“Got it!” His subordinates nodded and turned into four groups.

After Zhang Kuang issued the command, he saw another horse-drawn carriage coming from behind.

His face changed color as he hesitated, and he clenched his teeth and followed this one in the end.

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  1. Muttowsing Sanjay

    so Mo Xidao suspected that Mo Xidao was in this horse-drawn carriage.
    Yup seems you missed this

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