Chapter 249: Mo Xidao (Part Three)

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-South of Chang’an-

A horse-drawn carriage had to stop about five kilometers away from Chang’an. Dozens of people blocked the road with sabers in their hands, and more people jumped out of the forest and blocked the way back.

This horse-drawn carriage was the fifth one traveling south and the one that Mo Xidao targeted.

All snake guards moved east, so the people that surrounded this horse-drawn carriage were subordinates of those big officials. Every official could hire martial arts masters as their guards even though Chang’an was peaceful.

These people typically had killed people before, and they were saved secretly from prosecution due to their strength and made into bodyguards. They all looked fierce as they stared at this horse-drawn carriage.

The driver took off his cone-shaped hat and said, “Not many people; Fang Jie’s strategy of separating enemies isn’t bad.”

The person inside the horse-drawn carriage said lightly, “Clean them up; we don’t have much time.”

“Got it,” the driver replied and took off his cloak. He was extremely fat and was wearing new clothes. Although the clothes weren’t made of silk, they were clearly expensive.

After stretching, he suddenly flew forward like a ball of cotton. He didn’t seem fast, but his movements were unpredictable. More than 20 men surrounded him and attacked him with their sabers, but they couldn’t even touch him.

Other men in the back didn’t rush toward the horse-drawn carriage. Instead, they took out their strong bows and shot arrows toward the carriage. They only stopped shooting after their arms were sore, each shooting at least 10 arrows. Although the horse-drawn carriage was firm, several arrows penetrated the windows, making it look like a hedgehog.

After shooting arrows, these people looked at each other and rushed forward with their sabers.

Suddenly, a thin figure dashed out of the horse-drawn carriage at a fast speed. He was wearing a ragged leather coat, and he was using a pair of iron-needled gloves as weapons.

Soon, the fatty in the front and the thin man in the back were surrounded by enemies.

At this moment, someone dashed out of the group and struck down with his saber. A sharp saber spirit chopped the horse-drawn carriage into two!

Mo Xidao who successfully destroyed the carriage quickly attacked again.

There was only one person in the horse-drawn carriage, and he was wearing his signature sapphire fancy robe.

He was Wu Yidao, the richest merchant of Great Sui!

Right now, he didn’t have a guard beside him.

Mo Xidao was pleased. He was confident in his ability; he was a level 7 master three years ago even though he only reported level 5 cultivation strength to the Martial Arts Academy. He could turn his internal force into extremely powerful saber spirits.

When he attacked the second time, the joy in his eyes was replaced with surprise and fear.

Wu Yidao sat there with no guards around him.

However, the dozens of arrows that were shot into the horse-drawn carriage floated around him. It felt like they were Wu Yidao’s pets.

When Mo Xidao’s attack came, Wu Yidao slowly looked up at him and pointed out his finger.

All those arrows suddenly turned and shot toward Mo Xidao like eagles!

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