Chapter 25: A Pure Heart for Dao (Part One)

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Pure Joy Mountain was located in the southeast of Great Sui and was about 160 kilometers south of Yangtze River. Although the rolling mountains in the region weren’t magnificent, the scenery was beautiful. The coastline in the eastern region of Great Sui was more than 5,000 kilometers long, and the only territory that had a coastline and wasn’t controlled by Great Sui was Eastern Chu. However, Eastern Chu was to the northeast of Great Sui, and it was more like a peninsula. Its territory was even smaller than the Capital Region Circuit of Great Sui.

Pure Joy Mountain was more to the south in the eastern region of Great Sui, and its scenery at all four seasons was great.

Although Pure Joy Mountain was smaller than the other famous places such as Wolf Breast Mountain Range and Kunlun Mountain Range, its fame wasn’t inferior.

The reason was simple; there was One Qi Daoist Temple on Pure Joy Mountain, and Spiritual Master Xiao lived in this daoist temple.

The emperors of Great Sui were all ambitious; they couldn’t stand Great Sui being inferior to other places. This ambition was what allowed Great Sui to stay prosper.

Every emperor of Great Sui had such big dreams, and Great Sui had to have things that other places didn’t have under their watch.

Mongo-Yuan had Great Wheel Temple on Great Snow Mountain, so Great Sui promoted One Qi Daoist Temple on Pure Joy Mountain.

Great Wheel Temple had Great Wheel Wisdom King, so Pure Joy Mountain had Spiritual Master Xiao.

Although the Buddhist Sect didn’t have desires, they looked down on the Daoist Sect of Great Sui. After all, except for Great Sui, everywhere else believed in Buddhism.

Although monks could build temples and spread their religion after reporting to the local governments, the citizens of Great Sui didn’t respect the Buddha. Also, Great Sui only had such a policy due to the emperors’ desire; since other places had Buddhism, Great Sui had to have it as well.

One Qi Daoist Temple was built on the half-way point of the mountain, and there was only one stone path leading up to it. There were 2,999 steps, and the last step was inside the daoist temple, corresponding to the saying in Daoism which stated that there were 3,000 Great Dao in the world. Peach trees were planted at everywhere else on the mountain. The peaches were sour and not delicious, but their taste was unique after savoring it a little.

As to the legend where peach trees appeared all over the mountain after one night, peach flowers bloomed after another night, and peaches ripped after the third night, it was all a promotional rumor.

One Qi Daoist Temple wasn’t big. Counting from Daoist Temple Master Xiao to the newest disciples, there were only 800 of them. One Qi Temple was known as the most orthodox daoist temple, and all the miraculous daoist techniques and spells originated from here.

Although spring came early in Yangtze-South Circuit, the peach flowers hadn’t bloomed. The new green spouts grew on the branches, and they were so fresh that people wanted to take a piece and chew on it.

A middle-aged man was slowing walking up the stairs in fancy clothes. It was hard to tell how old this person was, but he was mature and good-looking. He had a short beard, and he didn’t look disheveled. His build was average, and his steps weren’t big.

In Great Sui, only those with official or noble ranks could wear fancy clothes. Even those ordinary rich people couldn’t wear such clothes. This was a law, and those who breached this law would be punished.

This middle-aged man smiled and walked while enjoying the scenery. When he saw the few words written on a big rock, he stopped and bowed sincerely.

“This was written by His Majesty when he came to Pure Joy Mountain three years ago. I wanted to move it into the Grand Palace, but His Majesty said that there is no need. If this rock has its own spirit, moving it would disturb its cultivation and be a big natural crime.”

The person who spoke was a senior in a black daoist robe. He was about 50 years old, and his beard was tied into three streaks. With a daoist horsetail whisk in his hand, he looked like an immortal in his cloth clothes and cloth shoes, but his triangular eyes and scattering brows made his presence seem a little dirty.

However, due to his status, no one would judge him by his appearance.

He was Spiritual Master Xiao, One Qi Daoist Temple Master.

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