Chapter 250: Where Did He Go? (Part One)

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Mo Xidao didn’t expect a merchant to have this much strength!

Royal King Yi had done a lot of investigations, and Mo Xidao had access to a ton of information. No one knew that Wu Yidao was a cultivation master! Judging from his ability to control arrows from afar, his cultivation strength wasn’t low!

Mo Xidao was in mid-air right now, and he couldn’t dodge these dozens of arrows that were as fast as lightning.

Fortunately for him, he had his saber in hand, and he wouldn’t give up.

A saber spirit suddenly appeared in front of him, and a bright white light came off it. It felt like he wasn’t holding a saber but a sun.

The white light grew stronger and stronger, making his body seem vague behind it.

When those dozens of arrows landed on the white saber spirit, they disappeared like raindrops landing on hot steel. The tornado-like saber spirit shattered the arrows.

Wu Yidao sat in the carriage cross-legged, and he frowned, not expecting such a cultivation master. It was rare to see cultivation masters who could turn their internal force into sharp saber spirits.

Most cultivation masters would only use their bodies in battle; a ton of talent was required to turn their internal force into saber spirits. Hard work alone wasn’t enough to do it.

Mo Xidao slowly landed and stood about five meters away from Wu Yidao, and the sun-like saber spirit was still spinning around his hand; it felt like it could fly toward Wu Yidao at any moment.

“The wealthiest merchant of Great Sui is a cultivation master; what a surprise,” Mo Xidao sighed and then reached out his right hand that controlled the saber spirit. “You still have to die today.”

Then, the sun-like spirit energy exploded, shooting out many streaks of strong light. Under the illumination, Mo Xidao looked like a godly warrior.

The light streaks that shot toward Wu Yidao were sharp and reached him in an instant.

The horse-drawn carriage started to shatter, and wooden fragments flew in all directions.

When the light streaks were about to land on Wu Yidao, this man pointed his fingers forward, and the light streaks couldn’t move anymore and collapsed as if they smashed into a giant mountain.

Wu Yidao was engulfed by this invisible mountain, and the countless light streaks couldn’t break it. The space around Wu Yidao started to deform as the temperature sharply increased.

Mo Xidao’s face changed color, then he raised his right arm high. At this moment, the sun-like saber spirit in his hand shined to its extreme.

The saber spirit tried to break the invisible mountain around Wu Yidao, and it seemed like this invisible mountain would collapse if the attacks continued.

However, Wu Yidao didn’t seem worried at all. He had a clear understanding of the power of these light streaks, and they all shattered when they were one meter away from him.

Wu Yidao didn’t leave the horse-drawn carriage and only raised his fingers twice.

It seemed like he could last longer than Mo Xidao.

Mo Xidao decided to attack without holding back, and he marched forward with his right arm raised.

Even a child could walk forward, but it seemed like Mo Xidao couldn’t walk right now. There seemed to be an invisible wall before him while many people were pulling him back. Each step he took was small and slow.

However, Mo Xidao didn’t give up and continued forward.

The closer he was to Wu Yidao, the sun-like saber spirit in his hand grew brighter.

The distance between them slowly turned from five meters to four meters. Although this one meter didn’t seem that significant, the attacks on Wu Yidao had doubled in strength.

The space before Wu Yidao was becoming more distorted, and it felt like a big explosion would appear the next second.

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