Chapter 250: Where Did He Go? (Part Two)

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Mo Xidao was sweating non-stop, and he tried to get even closer to increase the intensity of his attacks.

He couldn’t lift his feet anymore as if heavyweights were tied to his legs, and his body started to tilt forward while his right arm controlling the sun-like saber spirit reached forward. Although his body tilted at an impossible angle, he didn’t fall to the ground.

The strange thing was that his body kept this pose and didn’t move as if he was frozen in time. The sun-like saber spirit started to dim as if it was engulfed by a layer of mist.

Sweat appeared on Mo Xidao’s forehead, but they didn’t slide down and drop to the ground! It seemed anti-physics!

A few seconds later, the sun-like saber spirit finally extinguished in Mo Xidao’s right hand.

Mo Xidao’s body shivered as if he was trying to break free, but he couldn’t move at all.

“You… You aren’t Wu Yidao!” Desperation appeared in Mo Xidao’s eyes; this wasn’t his first time experiencing this. Last time, he was also this defenseless. Before this man, he was weaker than a toddler that was learning how to walk. He lost his freedom and was inside a prison.

The person sitting in the horse-drawn carriage smiled and said, “You only realized this now? So dumb.”

-About eight kilometers outside Spring Peace Gate, an eastern city gate of Chang’an-

Dozens of men ditched the horse-drawn carriage that they were protecting and chased after the horse-drawn carriage in the front.

The horse-drawn carriage in the front wasn’t in a hurry to escape, and it was quickly surrounded.

Most of these men were vicious characters from the martial arts circle and degenerates from the military.

After surrounding this horse-drawn carriage, they waited for the order.

Behind them, Zhang Kuang who had his saber wrapped on his back and Fang Henshui who was in a scholarly robe walked over.

Those people moved away slightly and created a path for Zhang Kuang.

Zhang Kuang slowly walked toward the horse-drawn carriage with a gloomy expression, and his fast breathing showed that he was nervous.

He wasn’t sure who was inside the horse-drawn carriage. If it was Wu Yidao, he would order these people to attack without hesitation. But if it was Fang Jie, he wasn’t sure if he could do it.

Fang Henshui followed him with a smile, but a trace of sickening excitement could be seen in his eyes.

“What? You still haven’t made up your mind?” Fang Henshui asked.

“Shut up!” Zhang Kuang glared back and said coldly, “Even if His Highness treats you well, you are in no place to issue orders today. I’m the deputy of the Snake Guard, and I’m in command. If you say one more word, I will tell them to turn you into pieces.”

“So powerful.” Fang Henshui shrugged and didn’t say anything else, but it was clear that he didn’t care about the threat.

Zhang Kuang took a deep breath, walked two steps forward, and asked with his hands cupped, “Is it Gold-Sharing Duke in the carriage?”

The person in the horse-drawn carriage didn’t respond, and the driver sitting outside the compartment snorted coldly.

Zhang Kuang waited for a moment and asked again, “Gold-Sharing Duke, if you are in the carriage, please come out and talk. If it is someone else in the carriage, please come out as well. We are only here for Gold-Sharing Duke.”

The person in the carriage was still silent.

“It is… Fang Jie?” Zhang Kuang asked after a moment of silence.

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