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Conquer the World Chapter 250.3

Chapter 250: Where Did He Go? (Part Three)

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“If Fang Jie sees you, he would be raging and puking blood right now. He probably couldn’t imagine that his good friend would become his enemy one day.”

The person in the carriage finally responded.

While Zhang Kuang was surprised, the horse-drawn carriage suddenly exploded from the inside. The people around the carriage were shocked and took a step back, and they all gasped after the dust settled.

Wu Yidao nor Fang Jie were here.

There were two muscular men who were both more than two meters tall. They looked like two massive iron towers.

One of them reached out his right hand while the other reached out his left hand, holding up a dark-skinned young man.

The two muscular men were Qi Lin and Nie Xiaoju, and they were holding Yan Kuang in their hands.

After the horse-drawn carriage exploded, one person floated in the air for a while like a kite; he was the scholar-like Chen Xiaoru.

This was a shocking scene. Two muscular men held up a dark-skinned young man who crossed his arms in front of his chest and snorted while the driver floated in mid-air for a while.

No wonder Mo Xidao was able to easily tell that this horse-drawn carriage was heavier; it contained two massive men.

“Haha!” Fang Henshui laughed, “I overestimated you. I thought you would be able to find one of the two main people, but they are only a bunch of followers and not Fang Jie nor Wu Yidao. Your ability as the deputy of the Snake Guard isn’t that impressive.”

Zhang Kuang’s expression looked gloomy. When he heard Qi Lin’s voice, he already recognized him. He sensed pain, then hatred appeared in his mind. He was disappointed not seeing Wu Yidao and Fang Jie, then he realized that he was already mentally prepared to become an enemy with his good friend.

Therefore, he ordered coldly, “Kill them all.”

The henchmen that surrounded the horse-drawn carriage nodded and charged forward with their sabers.

Zhang Kuang didn’t move. Although those two iron-tower-like men seemed tough, he didn’t think the combination of these four men could stop dozens of well-trained people. Although these people weren’t strong individually, they could coordinate well and unleash way more strength.

These people could all cultivate, and they were at least level 3 cultivation masters. With the help of the battle arrays from the military, Zhang Kuang was confident that these people could kill a level 6 or a level 7 cultivation master. Of course, it would be hard to tell how many of these people could survive the battle.

Soon, Zhang Kuang realized how wrong he was.

These four people weren’t ordinary at all.

Although the darks-skinned young man was thin and small, his punches were heavy. He messed up the battle arrays on his own.

The two muscular men were even more shocking. One of them killed enemies with a bronze staff, which was acceptable. The other was using a few tiny sewing needles that were connected to strings.

The driver didn’t even mind being surrounded. He sat down and watched everything happening around him with his squinted eyes as if he was watching a show; it seemed like he didn’t even want to move.

Zhang Kuang looked toward Fang Henshui and saw this gloomy young man walking away.

“There is no Fang Jie nor Wu Yidao here. Although I’m interested in killing people, I decided to go check on other horse-drawn carriages. These people aren’t good enough for me to stay.”

Hearing this, Zhang Kuang suddenly realized that perhaps all ten horse-drawn carriages were distractions.

Where were Fang Jie and Wu Yidao?

[TL Note: Finally got some action.]

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