Chapter 251: Did You Lose A Loved One? (Part One)

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The morning meeting wasn’t over by noon; this was the first time that something like this happened since the Emperor came to power.

The officials were all hungry by now, and some of them were getting even more anxious because of what was happening with Wu Yidao.

The Emperor seemed to be in a good mood; he summoned the officials of all six ministries and asked many questions that weren’t important.

When it was noon, the Emperor suddenly thought of something and asked, “You are all hungry, right?”

The officials thought that the meeting was about to be over, so they all replied, “No, we aren’t.”

However, the Emperor nodded and said, “Since you aren’t hungry, we can talk about a few more things.”

Now, many officials wanted to slap themselves.

For some reason, Pine Pavilion put a tablet before the gate, announcing that the business was on hold for a day. Even the wooden boards that sealed the windows at night weren’t taken off, and the lanterns that were lit last night were not put out. Having lit lanterns during the day was ominous, and this place would look like a mourning hall if the gates were open.

The owner of Pine Pavilion had the last name of Du, and not many people knew his full name. He was a big official’s butler’s son, and this big official gave him the money when he built this place.

Boss Du knew that he was only a manager. Pine Pavilion was the place where those big figures gathered in private. The yard in the very back wasn’t a place that ordinary people could enter.

Boss Du was blanking out while sitting in the grand hall of Pine Pavilion, looking quite nervous. The waiters gathered and chatted, wondering why their boss looked so strange today.

Boss Du wasn’t qualified to go to the backyard; a group of people was gathering there. Although they didn’t have prestigious status, they were influential as they were all henchmen and butlers of big officials.

Since those officials hadn’t returned from the morning meeting, these butlers were discussing what to do. Although they were all technically servants, they were loyal and could manage secrets for these big officials. Also, they were smart enough to earn the trust of those big officials.

The secrets that these people knew combined would shock Chang’an.

When the big officials weren’t present, they were the decision-makers.

Boss Du was quite nervous. Although he didn’t know what was happening, it couldn’t be a small matter with all these butlers here.

“What is happening?” Boss Due didn’t dare to go to the backyard; he was afraid that he might hear something he shouldn’t and die because of it.

At this moment, someone suddenly knocked on the gate.

Boss Du shivered and dropped the abacus on the table. Then, his ears perked up as he wondered if he was mishearing things.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Someone knocked on the gate again.

Boss Du’s face changed color, and he glanced at a waiter. That waiter ran to the gate and shouted without opening it, “We are not open today. Guest, please come back tomorrow.”

The knocking stopped, but the waiter didn’t hear this person walking away, so he pressed his ear onto the gate and listened carefully.

While he did that, he suddenly flew backward alongside the gate.

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