Chapter 251: Did You Lose A Loved One? (Part Two)

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Someone smashed the gate in, and the gate pressed on that waiter, making the latter whine in pain and curse out loud.

Boss Du quickly walked out from the counter and looked out the gate with a concerned expression.

There was a middle-aged man in a sapphire silk robe, and he stood there with his hands behind his back.

He looked scholarly, and his robe was fitting. He looked to be in his forties, and his wrinkles weren’t deep. He wasn’t handsome, but his temperament could charm many women; he had the charisma that only belonged to mature men.

There was a long wooden box beside him, reaching his chest.

“Gold… Gold-Sharing Duke!” Boss Du’s expression turned gloomy, and he stuttered while taking a few steps back subconsciously. Although he didn’t know the details of the discussion in the back, he knew that Gold-Sharing Duke was going to die today.

Most of these big officials’ hidden forces went to kill this man, but he appeared in front of Pine Pavilion.

“I know that many people want to see me, so I’m here.” Gold-Sharing Duke walked into Pine Pavilion with the long wooden box.

“Why? Am I not welcome?” he asked.

The waiters quickly ran over, lifted the gate that wasn’t broken but knocked out of its frame, and blocked the entrance. They held onto the gate and didn’t dare to let go. While they did that, they looked back at this middle-aged man in the sapphire robe who looked like a demon from Hell.

Gold-Sharing Duke walked forward while Boss Du retreated.

“Duke, we aren’t open to the public today. If you want to eat and drink here, please come back tomorrow. I will ask our chef to make the best dishes, and the cost will be on me.”

Gold-Sharing Duke said with a smile, “Thanks, but you should know that I don’t lack money.”

Boss Du retreated to one end of the corridor leading to the backyard, so he couldn’t move back anymore. “Duke, please don’t force people too hard,” he said.

Gold-Sharing Duke was still gentle with his words. “Boss Du, we need to be reasonable. The people in the back of Pine Pavilion want to kill me, so why can’t I ask them the reason? If you want me to leave, then you are forcing me. Are you going to move out of the way?”

“No,” Boss Du said subconsciously.

“Alright, goodbye.” Gold-Sharing Duke said these words, and Boss Du felt his vision blurring.

In the next second, Gold-Sharing Duke was less than half a meter away and clenched Boss Du’s throat before he could scream for help. Then, he was pressed into the wooden wall of the corridor.

Bam! Half of Boss Du’s body was inside the wall, and his legs kicked around, trying to regain balance.

The waiters who were supporting the gate gasped, but they didn’t dare to move.

“Support the gate. You will die if you come here.” After saying that, Gold-Sharing Duke walked into the corridor.

The corridor was dozens of meters long, and there was a moon-shaped door on the other end of the corridor. The compartmentalized yards were behind this door.

Gold-Sharing Duke paused a little before a smile appeared on his face.

Many people appeared behind the moon-shaped door and rushed over with their sabers. They were like a river while Gold-Sharing Duke looked like a stone in the middle of the river. Was the stone going to block the river or was it going to be pushed away?

The stone moved forward!

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