Chapter 251: Did You Lose A Loved One? (Part Three)

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Gold-Sharing Duke held the long wooden box in his left hand and walked forward. He didn’t move much, but the enemies’ sabers couldn’t touch his body.  He only used his right hand to kill the enemies one at a time.

Corpses gradually scattered in the corridor, and Gold-Sharing Duke kept on walking forward. His expression was calm as if he wasn’t killing people but flies.

When an assassin raised his saber, a fist already appeared in his forehead before smashing his head in.

If he saw his face before death, he would be disgusted. Half of his face was gone, and his nose and forehead caved in. When the blood and brain matter slowly oozed out, his killer was already five meters away.

More and more corpses appeared in the corridor, and blood flowed through the slits between the green stone tiles and moved toward the lower ground.

About 20 people were looking out the moon-shaped door, and they appeared anxious with fear oozing out of their eyes. They would have escaped if there was another way out. Most of these butlers and henchmen were ordinary people, so they couldn’t scale the wall and escape.

Gold-Sharing Duke stopped when he was about ten meters away from the moon-shaped door, and there were only two people between him and those butlers.

One was a swordsman who held his sword in his arms, and the other was an old man who sat on a boulder without weapons. Both looked at Gold-Sharing Duke with cold stares.

The two didn’t seem sympathetic toward the dead; those people seemed worthless in their eyes.

The blood already flowed to them, and they looked to be disgusted as if the blood of those people wasn’t honorable enough to touch their shoes.

The only thing that piqued their interest was Gold-Sharing Duke.

“This merchant is a cultivation master; the martial arts circle of Great Sui is interesting,” the young swordsman raised his brows and said in disdain.

Gold-Sharing Duke looked at this swordsman’s clothes and asked with a frown, “You are from the east of the ocean?”

This young man’s clothes were different. He had a long coat, and a white cloth was tied around his forehead with a word on it. He appeared aloof and looked down on others.

“You guessed my origin. This is the first time that the warriors of Eastern Ying step foot on this land. The warriors of Eastern Ying serve their masters by fighting each other, but my goal is to explore the outer land and conquer all!” this young man was surprised for a second before speaking proudly.

Gold-Sharing Duke didn’t seem to pay attention to what he said. Instead, he pointed at the white cloth on this swordsman’s forehead and asked, “Did you lose a loved one?”

[TL Note: It is a Chinese tradition to wear a white cloth on the forehead to mourning the death of a loved one.]

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